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Settling in your New Puppy

You will so excited to bring your new puppy home of course! But it’s important to remember that they will be in unfamiliar surroundings and need time to settle in.

Ideally, puppies should be staying with their mother until around 12 weeks. If possible, visit your puppy a few times when it’s with their mother so that they can start to get used to you.


Make sure that you have everything that your new puppy will need at home ready, He or she will need a nice bed and bowls for food and water.

A few toys and puppy treats will be great for playing and training your new pup.

You don’t want to change too many things all at once. You will also need a collar and lead for your new puppy. Make sure that you get your pup a name tag engraved with your contact details. This new puppy checklist might help.

Puppy Food

Have a supply of puppy food ready, preferably the same as what he or she has been eating with the breeder so that you are keeping to the same diet.

Puppy Checkups

Regarding health for your new puppy, contact your vet prior to bringing your pup home to make sure that you know the healthcare schedule. It is likely that you will need to consider worming, flea treatment and vaccinations.

Care at Home

When your gorgeous new bundle of fun arrives home, he will need time to settle in. It is important not to leave your puppy alone in the first few weeks if possible, and avoid leaving any puppy alone for more than 1 hour.

The puppy will need to be in close proximity to you most of the time, and be prepared for crying through the night!


As the pup settles, it’s great to start training as soon as possible. Start with basic obedience such as sit and stay. It is easier to teach recall and walking off the lead to puppies as they have a strong tendency to stay with their owner.

Congratulations and enjoy your new pup!

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