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Fantastic Gifts For Dog Lovers

We all know the type. There are people who have a dog, and then are dog lovers. These people really love their four-legged friends, and you’d be forgiven for thinking they prefer them to a lot of their human friends! Pets and pet lovers love gifts year-round. We’ve picked out some of the best gifts for your pooch-mad loved ones! …

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Turn your Instagram, Facebook and Photos into Glossy Fridge Magnets

You have tons of pictures of your pet online. While digital images are nice, they aren’t always available for your enjoyment. Want an easy way to turn your Instagram, Facebook and Photos into glossy magnets for your fridge or any metallic surface?  Even better; with free, worldwide delivery? PicToMagnet.com provides an easy way to eternalize your memories into beautiful photo magnets …

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Smart Interactive Toys that Dogs Love

Dogs looking to be entertained for extended periods of time quickly grow bored of toys that don’t do much. Whilst stuffed teddies and chewable bones will be fun for a little while, smart dogs are looking for smart, interactive toys which keep them occupied for longer. This is particularly true of dogs who spend lots of time alone or who …

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