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5 Crucial Things To Know Before Giving Cannabis & CBD To Your Dog

With the advent of time, various states in the United States have expanded the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

Although medical cannabis is not legal at a federal level yet, some laws have already been passed in different states to make its medicinal use legal. Furthermore, multiple types of research have been conducted regarding the use of cannabis. As a result, medical marijuana can offer relief to dogs as much as it relieves humans.

But before giving this substance to your four-legged best friend, there are a few recommendations that you must keep in mind.

Here are five crucial things you must be sure of before giving cannabis to your dog:

Choose An Appropriate Dose

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind while giving Cannabis products to your dog is to decipher a dosage. A key recommendation is that you must spend some time to research the dosage that should be given to your dog, also depending on its breed. You could also consult your friends, or may try a trial and error method.

Some other experts have also been suggestive that giving small doses would not be harmful to your dog at all. This would reduce the risk for the dog and give you a clear picture of whether the dog’s medical condition is improving.

Vets Don’t Prescribe Cannabis

The use of marijuana is legal in some states for medical and recreational purposes for human beings. However, the American FDA has still not legalized the use of cannabis for medical treatments, not even in states where marijuana consumption is legal. Hence, vets are not practically and legally allowed to prescribe Cannabis for dogs. Since some vets do not mandate such substances for your pets, you can look for a reputed and certified Cannabis store to buy cannabis. and, if you want to explore such options independently, then it would be best if you do your research and make adequate decisions for your pet.

Methods of Administering Cannabis

There are many methods to administer cannabis to your pet dog as you want to make sure that your dog doesn’t throw up in case you are planning to give in tablet form. The best method that you can use is by mixing cannabis oil with your pet dog’s regular food. Another option is to give cannabis-infused treats and tablets. You can also easily mix up with your dog’s regular food. Moreover, you can directly place cannabis oil in your dog’s mouth through a dropper. Make sure your pet is friendly, so there is no risk of getting bitten by your dog.

You Can’t Share Your Stash With Pets

If you are a pet owner, you must act responsibly and take good care of your pets. Therefore, to make sure that your pet remains in good health, you should avoid smoking when your furry friend is around with you else it would open them to the risk of THC toxicity caused by pot smoke.

You would certainly not want to put your little best friend’s life in danger. So smoking a pot or a cigarette when your pet is around is a terrible idea because it directly attacks their respiratory system. Remember that any human grade cannabis will act as a poison for your pet.

Use Different Forms Of Cannabis Products For Your Pets.

A variety of cannabis products apart from the oil can be given to your pets. These are available for your four-legged buddies in different forms, such as treats, balm, and capsule. CBD, a by-product of cannabis Sativa also comes in various forms and types of products that you can feed to pets. CBD treats are like other common kinds of pet treats that you can give to your dog for consumption. You can also apply CBD balm to the area on your dog’s body where the injury is or where your dog experiences the maximum degree of pain.

On the other hand, a CBD capsule is the most tricky form of cannabis that you can give to your pet. This is primarily because it has to be mixed up with your dog’s food or placed carefully inside their mouth. Some manufacturers also put other components apart from cannabis that would help your pets ease their pain. These elements mostly have antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, antipsychotic, and anxiolytic properties.


After all, one must be extremely careful as far as pets are concerned. A pet owner must know and consider all these five points before administering cannabis to the pet dog. You must also understand the difference between CBD and THC so that it helps your pet benefit from its consumption. Also, do not forget to administer the amount of dose you are going to give, and a vet can undoubtedly help you resolve all queries regarding this.

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