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Prevent Plaque and Tartar Build-up and Avoid Serious Health Problems

Tartar and plaque can lead to serious health problems for your pet. The nasty brown stained build up doesn’t take long to form. Before it becomes a problem, take action. As plaque builds up and hardens, it becomes tartar, a sign of dental problems and gum disease, which opens the door to pain, illness, and expensive medical bills.

While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed.

Tartar and Plaque

the-dog-of-my-brother-2-1526652[1]Tartar on human teeth poses the same risk as it does to your dog’s teeth. Harmful bacteria begins to grow, causing dental problems like gingivitis, periodontal disease, abscesses or lost teeth, and bad dog breath.

As tartar builds along the gum line, it pushes gums away from teeth, exposing the roots, no longer covered by enamel, causing pain and discomfort. Harmful bacteria, does not only stay in the mouth but can go into the bloodstream, making it’s way to the organs, which can cause serious health problems.


To eliminate dental plaque, brush your dog’s teeth on a daily or weekly basis. Give your dog dental treats to chew on, quality chews that help scrape off soft plaque deposits on dog teeth. Vets also offer professional cleaning and scaling for your dog’s teeth.

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Treats that also save the environment

As we support the health and care of your dog’s teeth, we also look out for products that do the same for dogs and the environment. Take inventor, Anke Domaske from Germany. Every year, millions of tons of milk by-product is discarded in Europe, and even more around the world. Anke’s innovative startup is now turning spoiled milk into a variety of all-natural and sustainable products that are good for the environment, humans, and dogs.

The “it” factor in all her innovations is casein, a protein derived from milk. Using a patented process, Anke was the first to pioneer fibers made from 100% milk casein while using the smallest environmental footprint. Through continued research Anke learned that the milk protein casein, which is also the basis for cheese, reduced 80% of dental bacteria.

Anke began to go to work in her kitchen and lab mixing cottage cheese, buckwheat, canola oil and coconut oil to create an all-natural superfood dog chew packed with protein, omega-3’s, vitamins and minerals.  The mixture tastes delicious to dogs.

4419a0_cac2ae0bbd1f42668db8af9844c25cfa~mv2_d_2550_3300_s_4_2[1]ALL QCHEFS DENTAL CHEWS CONTAIN:


Not only are the treats delicious, they are plaque fighters that help neutralize oral flora reducing plaque build-up and bad breath. They also contain amino acids, fatty acids and proteins supporting both dental and cardiovascular health. They are low in calories, easy to digest, vegetarian and free of sugar, gluten, grain, lactose and additives.

Additionally, the protein casein (or cheese) is known to be an endorphin booster, naturally making dogs happy and easing anxiety.

Find QCHEFS Treats here:


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