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Some Amazing Dog Facts You Probably Never Knew

You love your dog, and your dog loves you! But do you know there’s so much you still don’t know about your cute little furry friend?

Well, let’s go for a ride for some interesting facts you probably never knew about your dog!

Dogs can smell your feelings

A dog’s sense of smell is around 10,000-100,000 times better than ours. It’s so good they can pick up on your feelings through the chemicals your body emits during bouts of strong emotions, such as when you perspire in fear.

Dogs are jealous

Have you ever felt jealous when you saw your best friend spending more time with someone else? Yes, you were jealous because they’re your friend. And that’s precisely how your dog feels when they see someone else stealing your attention. Aww, aren’t dogs such a cutie?

A dog’s nose is always wet for a reason

Your dog’s nose is always wet because the wetness enables the absorption of scent chemicals. That’s why nothing escapes a dog’s nose. By licking the moisture on their nose, they’d understand the source of the scent.

Dogs don’t do too well with boredom

Dogs always need their mind stimulated. That’s why taking some time out to play “fetch” or go for a walk can never be overemphasized. They’re happier when you challenge their wits and are known for exhibiting destructive behavior when bored (because they try to find ways to entertain themselves). So when you leave your dog, get it something to keep it busy, like bully sticks for dogs from bullybunches.com. These sticks are healthy and will give your dog a long, enjoyable chew until your return.

A greyhound will win a long-distance race against a cheetah

According to Psychology Today, Greyhounds are outstanding long-distance runners and would beat a cheetah–the fastest animal alive–hands down. Well, never in a short distance race, though.

Your furry friend is as smart as a two-year-old

Dogs may not be as intelligent as gorillas, but they’re pretty much as brilliant as a two-year-old. Perhaps, the reason why your little kid finds it’s extremely easy to bond with your dog is that they speak the same language.

Dogs release the “love hormone” just like you

When someone shows special affection, such as when they caress you, you tend to release oxytocin, the “love hormone.” It’s the same for dogs when you pet, rub or stare into their eyes with a smile. It’s no wonder the saying “dog is man’s best friend” will never get cliché.

Neutering/Spaying increases a dog’s lifespan

Studies and experience show that neutered or spayed dogs tend to live longer than those that are not. No, it’s not exactly taking the dog’s potential puppies’ lives and adding to its own. It’s just how it is.

Dogs can be trained to sniff out medical conditions

Again, a dog’s sense of smell is so exceptional that medical practitioners train dogs to detect cancer or even Covid-19!

Bottom Line

There’s so much to know about dogs. And the more you learn, the closer it draws you to your cute little furry friend.

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