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Be a Responsible Pet Owner

This article is inspired by‘s blog article “Be a Responsible Pet Owner“.  Please visit them for more great topics such as this.

A pet is part of your family, and owning one is not something that should be taken lightly. Pet owners should be responsible and should ensure that their pet is always safe and taken cared of.

One will never be fully prepared for welcoming a pet into their home.  There will be accidents and surprises, but taking appropriate steps to accommodate your pet will make for a smooth transition, and doing research will most importantly help you to know what to expect.

Which Pet is Right for You?

Pet sizes and demeanor varies across breeds.  Some pets need lot’s of room to run around, while others are comfortable in most environments.  Some pets are good with children, and some not so much.  Your lifestyle is also something to consider.  How much time can you devote to your pet?  Are you able to walk them and exercise the daily?  Will you be away for long hours at a time?  Dogs need to be walked at least once a day and should not be left home alone for more than a few hours.  If that is not going to work for you, maybe a cat or fish is a better option.  Check out our article on ways you can get fit with your dog.

Exercise Requirements

Exercise is not an issue if you have a cat, but dogs need exercise.  If you have a large dog, it’s important that they have enough room to run around; small dogs might also enjoy the same.  It’s also important to give your dog enough exercise, not only for health reasons, but to prevent boredom and causing mischief or damage indoors.  Check out our article on ways you can get fit with your dog.


Having a collar and tag with your contact information might be sufficient for many, though it’s a good idea to have your pet microchipped to ensure they will not get lost.  This is a foolproof way to ensure that a vet or animal shelter can find you whether your pet has their collar on or not.

Thank Carefully Before Getting any Type of Pet

While research is helpful, you never know the responsibility of pet ownership until actually owning a pet.  Pets give us unconditional love.  We should also do our best to give it back.

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