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How To Find The Perfect Pet-Friendly Rental For You in Los Angeles?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a pet-friendly rental. For example, fewer landlords require health certificates and pet references.

Also, a pet-friendly community might have on-site pet parks. You should also check whether the pet-friendly rental has breed restrictions or other conditions. Read on to find out how to find the perfect pet-friendly rental for you!

Fewer landlords require pet references and health certificates

There are benefits to offering pet-friendly housing. This type of housing attracts more tenants and rent revenue. This type of rental has its own set of restrictions, though. Some landlords will only accept a certain breed of pet, while others will not accept any animal. Nevertheless, there are costs associated with offering pet-friendly rental housing, and the process should not be overlooked.

One of the costs associated with accepting pets is increased insurance premiums. Pet owners pay about $150 more per year, which is less than a month’s rent for pet-friendly apartments. Nevertheless, these costs pale in comparison to the time savings. The most common complaint among landlords with pet-friendly rentals was damage. However, less than half said they had experienced any damage from pets.

On-site pet parks

Some LA pet friendly rentals have on-site dog parks, while others do not. Pet-friendly amenities can be found at the Broadcast Center Apartments. These are ideal for those with dogs since they are an outdoor shopping centers. These properties also feature gas fireplaces and hardwood floors. A dog park on the premises is a nice bonus, too. These pet-friendly rentals are also conveniently located near LAX airport and other amenities, such as beaches and marinas.

Non-refundable pet fees

The law protects landlords against discrimination by tenants who have pets. Non-refundable pet deposits are often set by the property management company and are generally not refundable unless the tenant damages the property. The deposit amounts vary, and the property manager may decide to withhold the fee. Pet deposits are usually $200-500 per pet. Ask for more information, and make sure you get a written contract.

The term “non-refundable” can be confusing, but it is important to understand the difference between a non-refundable pet deposit and a one-time fee. Some landlords refer to a “pet rent” as a monthly payment, while others may use the term to indicate that a pet fee is nonrefundable. However, these terms are not the same thing, and you should double-check any rental agreement to make sure it is legal.


You can find a great location for pet-friendly rentals in Los Angeles by searching websites that feature this service. You can narrow down your search by neighborhood, amenities, and breed restrictions. You can also find tips and resources on living with a pet in an apartment in Los Angeles. Here are some ideas for making the search easier:

If you have a dog, make sure the area allows pets. A cramped space is not healthy for a dog, and a pet needs space to exercise and move around. Cats, on the other hand, need sunlight. Before looking for a pet-friendly apartment, consult a vet and do a bit of research on the particular breed and size of your animal. Also, be prepared to pay a pet fee or security deposit.

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