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Pets Are The New WFH Coworkers

Given the rapid spread of COVID-19, many people now find themselves working from home to social distance and curb the virus’s spread. It’s been a significant adjustment. Time, motivation, and space are much more challenging to find at home than at the office, and isolation can be boring and lonely.

However, WFH has a lot of benefits too. Without the need to commute, you save money on gasoline or bus fare. It’s also easier to convince yourself to make a healthy meal rather than ordering out when you’re home and have the time. Finally, of course, your pets are now your coworkers.

Sharing an Office Space

Your pet might be the best officemate you’ll ever have. Since you’re home, your pet or pets probably want to hang out with you all day. Giving them a comfy place to nap besides your workstation will make them happy and keep you company. If your new canine coworker is prone to anxiety, you may want to shop dog crates. Crate training your dog is helpful because it provides your dog with somewhere safe to retreat to when they’re feeling overwhelmed, and it can make trips to the vet far less stressful for both of you.


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Getting Lunch Together

You’re not the only one tempted to snack when you’re working from home. Depending on your pet’s manners, they likely think they can have any food of yours. Ensure you’re not sharing any potentially dangerous or toxic foods with your pet, and limit treats to prevent them from gaining unnecessary weight. Going out to lunch might not look the way it used to, and we all miss restaurants, but at least now your coworkers only beg for scraps rather than microwaving fish in the breakroom.

Exercising While on Break

It’s tempting to spend your entire break staring mindlessly at your phone, but you can use this time to play, walk, or otherwise exercise with your pet. If you have a dog, consider a fetch game or a short walk outside to get some fresh air. You can invest in a string toy that your cat can chase. Depending on your cat’s temperament, you may be able to train it to walk on a leash so the two of you can have outdoor time together. With enough patience, anything is possible.

These breaks will get you and your pet up and moving, which is good for both of you. You’re also likely to feel far more refreshed after a fifteen-minute walk or game with your pet than you are after fifteen minutes of scrolling through the doom and gloom of social media.

Why Cats Love Keyboards

You might be struggling to read this article with a cat around because they’re attempting to stand on your keyboard. To the general bafflement and frustration of many cat owners, cats love keyboards. There are several reasons for this, but cats love keyboards so much because they love being the center of attention. Between work and leisure, you spend most of the day looking at your computer screen. Your cat makes the connection between your computer and your attention, and the rest is history. Even when you pick your cat up to move them or scold them for being in the way, your actions reinforce the idea that being on your keyboard leads to attention.

Instead of suffering through cat hair in your electronics or locking your cat out of your office, consider providing them with a comfortable spot near your computer where they can nap and be close to you. If you have the room, a shoebox with a towel or small blanket makes a great cat bed. Your cat is still within petting distance, which is what they want. They aren’t going to accidentally send an email consisting of a keyboard smash to your boss, which is what you want. It’s a win-win scenario.

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Benefits of Your New Coworker

While interacting with pets is a definite bright spot in what otherwise might be a dreary workday, they’re not just fun to have around. There are health benefits linked to having a pet around too. In a pet owners survey, 74 percent reported that having a pet improved their mental health, and 54 percent said that their physical health improved because of pet ownership.

These health benefits are particularly important in light of COVID-19. It’s challenging to get enough exercise when you aren’t supposed to go anywhere. Many people are experiencing higher anxiety and depression rates due to social isolation, health concerns, and worry about what the future holds. Pets help with all of this, and they’re happy to have you home more often as well.

Whatever your new routine looks like, pause for a moment to enjoy your pet’s company and appreciate their presence in your life.


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