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How to Effectively Manage Dog Hair at Home

The dog is a friend, a family member, a helper for some…and the source of endless fur which annoys everyone. If your house is buried in pet hair, it’s high time to take measures.

In this guide, you will learn the key takeaways for maintaining cleanliness and reducing shedding in pets.

Use a Furminator

This is a very useful device for the safe and comfortable elimination of extra fur. With this brush, thick hairs stay in their place while the old haircoat is efficiently removed. It’s recommended to comb dogs 1-2 times a week (10-20 minutes per session).

Despite being a bit more expensive than regular slicker brushes, a furminator causes less discomfort while being more efficient. So if you have a mid- or long-haired dog, this is the worthiest investment you can make.

Make Bedding

Hate finding dog fur on chairs and sofa? Provide it with her own bedding – it will collect hair while saving your seat. Make sure to use natural materials for the dog’s bedding (cotton, linen) or some kind of fabric that’s easy to clean. If your doggo doesn’t leave its spot on the sofa, buy it a pillow – that will be a reasonable compromise.

Run a Robotic Vacuum

Another must-have for pet owners, robot vacuums will do 90% of the dirty job for you. No need to waste your time on sweeping and mopping anymore. Once you buy a robot vacuum and see how much fur, dust, and other stuff it sucks, you won’t imagine your life without it. Thank me later 😉

Try an Air Compressor

In case you’ve got a large dog (or several pets), try drying them with an air compressor. At first glance, it seems to be suited for professional use only, but can actually be applied in any household. An air compressor removes old fur very efficiently. After long-term use, you will notice that the pet’s coat becomes healthier and shinier.

Address the Reasons for Shedding

Shedding happens in cycles (4-6 weeks each) but if you have noticed that your dog leaves too much fur all year round, there might be problems with health. Here are the major reasons for excessive hair fall in dogs:

  •  Improper nutrition, lack of vitamins, and vital elements.
  •  Health problems, including skin and hormonal pathologies, allergy, stress.
  •  Cosmetics that are not suitable for a pet (conditioners, hair growth stimulants, styling products).
  •  Internal and external parasites that annoy the dog.
  •  Improper temperature regime in the house where the dog lives. Veterinarians and scientists say that heat is the most damaging factor for dog hair. If you cannot control the temperature at home, spend more time with your pet outside – this way you will prevent overheating and its results.

Use All Devices in your Inventory

Dog fur can be removed from furniture and floor with the help of different gimmicks, including:

  •  Rubber brush
  •  Compact vacuum cleaner for cars
  •  Scotch tape
  •  Tape-lint brush

Find something that works for you. Spoiler: it will require some experimenting.

Bottom Line

Endless cleaning is inevitable when you own a furry friend. Luckily, there’s a large gamut of devices that simplify housekeeping. Yet, it’s not enough: making sure that the dog’s health is okay should be the number one priority.

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