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Things You Didn’t Know About Dog Food

We all love a good puppy in our house or our favorite husky out on the lawn. They’re so adorable with their soft fur and their big droopy eyes. Who wouldn’t want one in their house? However, the choice of getting a pet dog is a very contemplative one. You need to think through all the things you will be taking responsibility for when you get a dog. The most important of these considerations is the dog food.

Dog food is the diet you’re going to put your dog on. This is why it is important to know what you’re dealing with. Developing pet food is not as simple as human food. A lot of research goes into perfecting food for different kinds of animals, which is why you will find plenty of surprises when you go over a can of dog food.  Let us walk you through a few more surprises that you may not have known about.

3 things you didn’t know about dog food:

Wet Food is Bad Food

While many dog owners are used to feeding their dogs’ wet tinned food, it is actually not good for their health. Many pieces of research have shown that wet food is not only bad for a dog’s dental health but also for their cholesterol and fat levels. If you see that your dog is gaining weight, you should move him from wet food to dry food to ensure that he does not accumulate bad cholesterol and fats which might cause further health problems.

Wet food is also prone to sticking to a dog’s teeth. Only relying on a wet diet causes a build-up of old food and results in dental problems for the dog. In such cases, it is best to alternate between wet and dry food so that the dog’s teeth remain healthy, as dry dog food helps clean the tartar in a dog’s teeth.

Dog Food contains Ash

While this might come off as a huge surprise to you, ash is indeed a part of your dog’s diet. But don’t worry, it’s nothing to be scared of. It is actually beneficial for your dog’s health and provides the necessary minerals to your dog through their food.

The ash present in a dog’s food is not actually ash. It is a collective term used for minerals found in a dog’s food. These are the necessary minerals including zinc, iron, calcium, etc.

However, like human bodies, a dog’s body can not take these minerals in excess which is why they are only added to dog food in a controlled percentage that will be healthy for the dog.

Dog Food contains Heavy Metals

Another surprise for dog owners. Your dogs feed on heavy metals. But do not worry as they are completely safe for your dog and are actually beneficial for their diet. These heavy metals are present in very small amounts, several parts per million (ppm), which is what makes them beneficial for your dog.

Dog food manufacturers always make sure to add these metals in controlled amounts so that they do not become poisonous to the dog.

While we understand how some of these facts might come off as a huge surprise to you, we hope that you learn from them and remember to check your dog’s food and the labels on it to make sure you’re giving your dog the perfect food.

Your dog might sometimes fancy food that might not be healthy for them, so do not make that the standard for choosing the food. Instead, go over the ingredients and make sure you do not feed your dog a lot of wet food.

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