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Dog Food – What Are The Different Types Available?

Ruby Cavalier King Charles

Each dog is different and what you feed your dog depends on a number of factors. So, if you have a husky, a golden retriever, a pug and a chihuahua at home you cannot feed them the same type of food, just because they belong to the canine category. You need to consider a number of factors like the breed …

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Common Dog Tooth Problems To Watch Out For

Dentistry1 - Common Dog Tooth Problems To Watch Out For

If you are a dog owner, you would want your canine friend to remain free from any kind of dental problems. But certain things are not in your hands and dental problem in your dog is one such thing. Dental conditions in dogs can cause them much oral discomfort. As such, you need to take effective measures as soon as …

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Dog Grooming Tips Every Human Must Know

cavalierking 310x165 - Dog Grooming Tips Every Human Must Know

Grooming your dog is your responsibility. And while sending your pet to a professional grooming salon once in a while will definitely provide incredible results, it is also important that you take good care of your dog on a regular basis. Below, we list out eight dog grooming tips that every pet parent must know and implement. Brush The Coat …

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Coconut Oil for Syringomyelia

coconut 13275031 310x165 - Coconut Oil for Syringomyelia

A daily dose of coconut oil has seemed to help our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a slight case of Syringomyelia. There are not many studies or articles out there about coconut oil for Syringomyelia, but perhaps it has the same effect as an anti-inflammatory like Prednisone, which is commonly administered to dogs often twice a day in small doses. …

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Hemp For Dogs – Should You Use It?

hvvSBR611 e1517729237785 310x165 - Hemp For Dogs - Should You Use It?

We live in a fast pace society and want answers fast, so the answer as to whether you should give your dog hemp is a or not resounding yes! Both CBD hemp oil and hemp seed oil are fantastic ways to improve the health of our fur babies in a multitude of ways. You can give them just one or …

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Dogs Sleeping in your Bed

Ruby Cavalier King Charles

Sleeping with pets isn’t unusual in the United States.  A survey by “American Pet Products Association” reports that nearly half the population of dogs sleep in their owner’s beds the majority being small to medium size dogs.  The survey also reports that over half of cats sleep with their adult owners, and 10% of cats sleep with children. Is It Healthy to Sleep with …

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Salmon for your Dog

enhanced 17020 1427990537 141 310x165 - Salmon for your Dog

As long as it’s cooked and not eaten raw, salmon can be quite beneficial for your dog. While fish is usually common in cat diets, it is a natural food eaten by their wolf ancestors, and contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which help reduce the risk of heart disease, alleviate symptoms of depression, and help with joint …

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Prevent Plaque and Tartar Build-up and Avoid Serious Health Problems


Tartar and plaque can lead to serious health problems for your pet. The nasty brown stained build up doesn’t take long to form. Before it becomes a problem, take action. As plaque builds up and hardens, it becomes tartar, a sign of dental problems and gum disease, which opens the door to pain, illness, and expensive medical bills. Tartar and …

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Should You Get Pet Insurance?

vet 310x165 - Should You Get Pet Insurance?

According to a Pet Owners survey by American Pet Products, taken in 2011-2012, there are 78 million household dogs, and on an average, dog owners spend about $250 a year just on routine veterinarian visits.  That is on routine visits alone. Costs of procedures But what about unexpected cases and illnesses where specialty veterinary care is required?  In these cases, the …

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Keeping Your Dog Well Groomed

no more bath 1391893 1920x1440 e1487033306446 310x165 - Keeping Your Dog Well Groomed

Correct dog grooming will help to sustain the health of your pet and make him look attractive. As the owner of a dog, this is one of the most important things to do. To understand exactly how crucial grooming is, think about how you would feel and look if you didn’t trim your nails, comb your hair or bathe for …

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