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Keeping Your Dog Well Groomed

no more bath 1391893 1920x1440 e1487033306446 310x165 - Keeping Your Dog Well Groomed

Correct dog grooming will help to sustain the health of your pet and make him look attractive. As the owner of a dog, this is one of the most important things to do. While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed. To understand exactly how crucial grooming is, think about how you …

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Best Dog Food

gingerbone 310x165 - Best Dog Food

It’s a hustle when choosing what the right food for your dog is. Pet owners have to choose between overwhelming arrays of kibble food claiming to be the best dog food on the market. It’s frustrating to even start researching and find the most suitable type of food. Also, go to a reputable store or website like www.pets-menu.co.uk, read reviews, …

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Treating Seizures in Dogs

lazy dog 14113471 310x165 - Treating Seizures in Dogs

All of a sudden, you notice little Fido starting to behave strangely, his eyes start to uncontrollably wonder around the room, after which he drops down to the floor, shakes and salivates. The owner is confused, the dog even more, and until you realize you need to urgently take him to the vet he suddenly stands up as nothing happened. …

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CBD Oil for Pet Anxiety – Weed Biscuits & Edibles for Dogs, Cats & Horses

cbd pets 310x165 - CBD Oil for Pet Anxiety – Weed Biscuits & Edibles for Dogs, Cats & Horses

When you experience anxiety, you can use a whole arsenal of special coping techniques, from cognitive distancing to mindfulness exercises. Your pet, however, doesn’t have access to such a luxury and has to suffer from anxiety to its full extent. All it takes is for someone to knock on your door unexpectedly, and your pet’s anxiety goes haywire for hours. …

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Using Deshedding Dog Shampoo & Brushes

YSmUVVkkX5nMpoxnkxRaNcgr1 310x165 - Using Deshedding Dog Shampoo & Brushes

Most dogs shed hair, particularly at the change of season, and while having excess dog hair all over your home can be a little annoying for dog owners, having loose hair is irritating to your pet. Because we love our fur babies, we want to see them fit, healthy and happy. Regular grooming is part of that, and while taking …

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Ways Dogs Can Show Affection

callen 310x165 - Ways Dogs Can Show Affection

We bet you are the type of owner that shows constant love to your pup. Snuggling sessions, watching him sleep, giving treats because he is just so damn cute, yes it’s easy to notice when a human loves his pet. But have you ever wondered how do dogs show they care about us? Even though their communication is mostly non-verbal, …

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Advantages of Chew Toys

42004256 930765963788955 6007637176864659733 n 310x165 - Advantages of Chew Toys

Canines and felines love to bite on things, there is no uncertainty about it. They will cheerfully bite on whatever tempting item they can get their dirty paws on, regardless of whether you support of their choice or not. Some pet proprietors may feel that bite toys are extravagances that are not so much important for a pet’s prosperity and …

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