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5 Most Popular Dog Breeds In Australia

Popular dogs are like the celebrities of the dog kingdom. You see them in magazines, in the fashion world, in movies, and many more. The adaptability and loyalty of pet dogs make them more popular than other working dogs.

The most popular breeds in Australia have some spectacular qualities as a pet dog. There are different kinds of breeds of dogs bred in different periods. Based on the utility and activity, natives used to cross dogs with foreign dog varieties. The most popular breeds in Australia are the ones who have learned to get along well with normal humans. People love breeds that are family and human-friendly.

Why do some dogs become more popular than others?

People are not limited to their own hunting dog owners anymore. There are people in the cities, who love quiet lap dogs for giving them company. Apart from the athletic qualities, many prefer to have emotionally intelligent canines for their homes.

  • Family-friendly dogs are very popular in all countries. Some breeds don’t care about much attention at all. They are independent, quiet, and aloof. While there are dogs who get attached to only one person and not to the others. The popular breeds generally are very comfortable with all members of the family. They stay attached to the family and have affection towards everyone.
  • Dogs that are good with little kids are very popular. You might have seen social media videos where house dogs take care of pregnant women and protect the newborn. A house dog can be a great company for the child and they bond easily over time.
  • People are busy. Even the most patient people cannot spare much time for training their dogs. So, the breeds that are easy to train, are the most popular in AustraliaThere are some wild and free-spirited dog breeds that are not easy to train. Trainers get a hard time making them learn even the mundane things like sitting, walking, etc.
  • The energy level of the dog is very important. If you are a workout freak who loves to jog or run in the morning, you need a dog who shares the same energy quotient. Athletic dogs are popular because they have enormous energy and stamina in their toned muscular body. They became the winners in several dog talent shows.

Top 5 Popular Dog Breeds

There are many popular dog breeds in Australia. But some of them are widely accepted by Aussie dog enthusiasts.


These little crossbreeds of the Poodle and Cavalier King Charles spaniel are extremely popular amongst Australian dog lovers. The gentle and social-natured Cavoodle enjoys human company. They have a beautiful curly coat like a soft toy. Cavoodles are highly intelligent and loyal family dogs.


Another fluffy little dog is the Maltese. Like Cavoodle, they are cute family dogs who resemble soft toys. The Maltese may look smaller and delicate, but they are very smart, energetic, and competitive. Their agility, obedience, and calm nature make them a hot favorite for many.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever or Labs are one of the most popular dogs in the entire world along with Australia. They come under the happy dog category. They can be big, but they are very gentle in nature and good family friends. They get along with children, strangers, and other dogs well.

Staffordshire Terrier

Like many other terriers, the Staffordshire terriers have a muscular, tough body. But they are extremely happy and family-friendly dogs. They are popular because they are devoted, loyal, energetic and a great companion for many.


Golden Retriever

Nobody needs an introduction for the Golden retrievers anymore. This super dog is the most beloved breed in the world. They are friendly, social, and gentle. Also, they are very easy to train and have excellent athletic qualities to play ball, swim and run. They have luxurious golden hair on their body, which is alluring.

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