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How to Groom a German Shepherd: Benefits and Treatments

“A well-groomed pet equals a healthy life.”

Who said that your pet does not need proper grooming? Talking about your pet’s health is about feeding them the right food, but it also tells so much about hygiene. You can never have a healthy pet without prioritizing this one. It is why grooming should also be on top of your list.

Are you a pet owner of a German shepherd? You might be wondering what proper grooming is for this kind of dog breed. In this article, you will learn ways how to groom your German shepherds. It also enumerates benefits and treatments in proper grooming.

5 Facts to Know Before Grooming German Shepherds

They shed a lot faster

German shepherds change their hair twice a year. It is every spring and fall. When this happens, you must groom their hair correctly. Although, they still shed hair all year round, expect heavy shedding during those seasons.

They have a double coat

German shepherds have two layers of hair. It is the reason why they can stand extreme cold weather. Their inner hair or undercoat is short, while their topcoat consists of long hair. Their hair prevents them from getting dirty.

Use separate hairbrush for the undercoat and topcoat

Since they have a double coat, it is required to take care of both to keep them healthy and neat. You can use a plastic brush or a wire bristle to detangle the hair. Remember that good shepherds have different hair lengths. It will better that you use the right tool for it.

 Bathe your dog once every four months.

German shepherds have very thick and smooth hair texture. It does not need bathing every day because it will strip the natural oil of its coat. You may bathe your dog right after doing an activity that made him or her dirty. Other than that, it would be best if you stuck with the once every four months.

Clean the teeth and ears every day.

Unlike bathing, cleaning the teeth and ears must be done every day. Plaque can accumulate in your pet’s teeth. It can cause bacteria, which can affect the health. Clean the ear to remove dirt and excess oil. Click here to know more about German shepherds: https://247wallst.com/special-report/2020/02/14/30-most-popular-big-dog-breeds-in-america/7/.

Now that you know some general facts about your German shepherd’s grooming let us enumerate why you need grooming for your pets.

Benefits of Good Grooming to Your Pets

It keeps their skin healthy

Proper grooming has a lot of benefits, and one of them is to keep pets from skin infections or diseases. They are also prone to skin conditions such as folliculitis, ringworm, or allergies. If not treated immediately, it could cause a much worse effect on their health. Having healthy skin makes them live a longer life.

It keeps them away from diseases

Treating what you see outside the body affects the overall health of your pet. Your pets are prone to tick-borne diseases whenever they go outside. They get it from the environment. The ticks can also cause Lyme disease, which makes the joints swollen.

It helps in identifying physical conditions

If your pet is covered with a lot of long hair, it will be hard for you to see the shape and condition. One example is the Lhasa Apso, who is prone to eye infection. It is always helpful to bring them to the groomer every month. Every dog breed has health issues that need to be addressed which you can read here.

It makes them look pleasant

Who wants to see a dirty dog or cat? Your family, friends, neighbors or even strangers can see your pet when you go biking, strolling, or walking outside. Because of that, it will be helpful to keep them clean and neat all the time. People who see your pet will not shy away from them.

It makes them feel good

Bathing and grooming your pet make them feel fresh and energized for the day. It helps in setting their mood. When they feel good about their body, they show positive behavior to the people who are with them. Proper grooming benefits not only your pet but also you.

Anyway, what are common grooming treatments that you can do for your German shepherd?

Right Grooming Treatments For Your Pets

Eyes and Ear Cleaning

There are cases that you might not notice everything about your pet, especially if you are terribly busy. It is why bringing them to do groomer will do you and your pet pleasant. They can check for possible cataracts or any abnormal appearance in the eye. As for the ear, they can check for likely mites in it.

Paw Nails Trimming

Cutting their nails is an excellent chance to see if ticks are lurking in your pet’s paw or nails. Having long nails can bring discomfort to your pet. It can affect his or her everyday activities. Walking might even become a problem too because of long nails.

Hair Washing and Grooming

Your pet’s hair is important because it protects their skin from getting scarred and getting exposed to extreme heat. For German shepherds, they shed a lot of hair. It is better to use only the best dog brush for German Shepherds and canine pets. Keep it always maintained by following the groomer’s instructions on washing and grooming his or her hair.

Teeth Cleaning

Brushing the teeth and cleaning it will lessen the presence of plaque. The plaque can cause bacteria that could affect the health of your pet. Dirty and broken teeth hinder them from eating properly. It makes them lose their appetite too.

Proper grooming has a lot of benefits to your German Shepherds, which makes them more comfortable and healthier. To keep them in good shape and the right attitude, always make sure that you prioritize this one. Visit this link https://doggonehealthychoices.com/home-dog-grooming-and-what-to-use/ to know more about grooming. It may take a while to master how to groom them well, but it will be worth it. Remember that grooming your dog is also a bonding for the both of you, so enjoy it.

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