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Best Breed Of Dog As Pets For Your Health And Personality

A pet dog is needed to bring the best out of you. We can learn loyalty and forgiveness from them.

Here in this article names of breeds are suggested that can become your company for life. To know more, read.


A song by Landon Pig “Great Companion” has made us realize what we are and not without our four-legged furry companion. A man can change a lot after spending some time with a dog. Part of finding a furry friend is about knowing yourself.

Not only can you offer them security, affection, and good health, but they too are capable of relieving you from stress and depression and keeping your immune system strong. Not every breed of dog will match your personality.

It is kind of the same thing with them, they also need the right friend to match the wavelength. As an animal rescuer, I have understood one thing, they all need love and affection. I have rescued breeds and strays and waited for their adoption, but they only went to them who they vibed with.

Having a dog will not only change your world but that dog’s world changes too, so think before you get a pooch. There are 200 to 400 breeds. In this article, I will suggest breeds that can bring out the real personality of yours and help you have good health.

Best breed of dog as pets for your health and personality

Humans or any other living being has their own personality from birth. Similar personalities are there too, it’s just a matter of time when you bond with them.

If you can’t bond with a dog, it will become hard for both of you to be together. Dogs who end up at the shelter mostly have the same cause for not being the type for the owner. Though we humans can try to cure a damaged dog with love.

Here are some breeds of dogs that you should go through and find the ones you need.

Dogs For Travellers

If you are a person who loves traveling solo and also needs a furry companion with you, not only for yourself but for the dog as well to see the world, then go for medium-large breeds.

Every dog likes being out for a walk, but there are specific breeds who want a life mostly outdoors.And you happened to share the same idea,so to share your joy go for Labrador Retrievers, Rottweilers, Weimaraners, Border collie, Dalmatians, Most Pinters, GSD,Doberman Pinschers along with Irish and English Setters.

Dogs For Kids

All dogs turn out great with kids. But here are a few breeds that actually are born to be child protectors and great companions to grow up with.

Dogs like Beagles and Boxers are just great with kids, they play all day, they have a child’s heart and they vibe with children more than anyone. Dachshunds on the other hand are perfect for gentle and a bit older kids, they are more like teenager’s dogs.

They are not that excited like Beagles, they understand the age of their siblings and act accordingly, they have the cutest habit of checking up on you now and then.

Labradors and Saint Bernards are dogs that have the body of a giant but the mind of a toddler. They are calm and chilled and they have buckets of love to shower on you. They are amazingly good with kids, I guarantee you once you get these breeds of dogs, your daughter won’t ask anyone to come to their tea party other than their furry friend. They show their protectiveness when needed.

Dogs For Busy Bees

You have a busy routine throughout the day, but you are also an animal lover. My friend Natasha is a businesswoman but recently she asked me what kind of a breed she should have, as she is looking to adopt a pooch.

To that, I happily replied Alaskan Malamute. At first, she was a bit scared because the size of an Alaskan Malamute is huge. But I assured her that the bigger a breed of dog is, the calmer they are. Dogs are pack animals. They always need someone or the other in their life, but some enjoy being alone.

Borzoi (Russian Wolfhounds) and Chinese Shar-peis are just the right choices for those who have a lot of work in daily life. It is strongly suggested that since by nature they are pack animals, you should have two of the same breed, to keep them company.

Dogs For Affection

I believe dogs are not for us, they are here with us. Just like some of us who need a lot of attention and love, there are breeds of dogs who want the same. If you are kind of a person who is always kissing and showering love on your fur baby, then a Pomeranian, Chinese Crested, French Bulldog, and Toy Poodle is right for you.

These doggos are amazing watchdogs, if they feel slightly threatened about your protection, they will bark away at a stranger, irrespective of their size. You can also go for Bloodhound, don’t worry he ain’t a vampire, others are an American Cocker Spaniel or a Beagle.

Dogs For Apartments

I absolutely understand when people come to me asking for a manageable dog as they live in an apartment. Dogs can adjust anywhere, from the beginning of the relationship between dogs and humans, they were taught to be with their owners irrespective of their own comfort and mostly for hunting.

Later people started applying humanity and therefore dogs are not only brought home for being a guard but also to live their life peacefully. Not everyone can afford a house, but should that stop you from not having a furry angel?.

English Toy Spaniels, Bedlington Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Havanese, Affenpinscher, and Chihuahua are going to be the best choice as they won’t bark unnecessarily and will have fewer demands. But you should walk your dog irrespective of the breed.

Chihuahuas are rumored to be aggressive little dogs, but trust me a dog is never born that way, it’s us and the surroundings that change them.

Warping It All Up

I have spent half of my life taking care of animals. I myself have three stray dogs, three breed dogs who I rescued from the breeders, a have a small family of monkeys, and birds who roam freely all the time, but I trained them for coming home before dark and two cats.

Animals were here before we came, so it is their right to call earth their home. They can’t stand up for their rights because they don’t have a voice. But if you try you will hear them and become their voice. Here you go with the 5 best-vibed dogs.

Leave a comment, and share your experience with a furry friend. I would love to hear.

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