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How to remove pet stains from your carpet

Many pet owners surely love their pets, so much that many of us allow them to live indoors, even sleep in the same bed. As puppies, we often find our pre-house broken pets to have an occasional accident that sometimes may require expertise in cleaning.

Some of these accidents result in urine or vomit stains an odor on the carpet, but with a little help from some carpet cleaner, good technique, and sometimes the use of a handy deep cleaning carpet or floor cleaner, you can get the mess cleaned up in a snap.

Here are some tips that may come in handy.

How to clean pet urine stains on carpets

How to clean pet vomit

Still having difficulty in getting those tough stains out of your carpet? Here are some of the best pet carpet cleaners on the market to rid your carpet of smells and tough stains: Best Carpet Cleaners for Pets. You can also try a professional carpet cleaning service, like or others in your area.

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