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The Doggy “Smart Tag”: Introducing The Future In Pet Location Technology

Everyone loves their dogs. And there is a reason why dogs are always referred to as man’s best friend. We love our dogs beyond imagination, and we often consider them a four legged extension of our families.

But what happens if our furry loved ones were to disappear without a trace?

It is tragic, and you may be surprised to learn that, statistically, one in every three dogs will be lost at least once in their lifetimes. This is the entire reason beyond pet owners adorning their dogs with dog tags and other such items that indicate where they live and what number to contact in case of an emergency, such as the dog being lost.

But this method is not always entirely successful or efficient.

Fortunately, there is a brand new technology that is guaranteed to allow any pet owner not just to keep track of their four legged loved ones, but also to find them more easily in case of them being lost.

This QR tag is the latest in cutting edge technology. Everyone has seen such similar tags before, as many magazines, advertisements, and companies use QR tags to allow consumers or interested persons to quickly scan their smart phone over the tag to see more information on a product or service.The Doggy Smart Tag from DoggyFinder.co is the most cutting edge technology on the market. It not only utilizes traditional methods of keeping track of your dog, but also combines the use of modern day technologies.

NFC Technology

This Smart Tag is embedded with NFC technology, and if it comes into contact within inches of an NFC equipped phone or tablet, an instant SMS message is sent to the dog’s owner, informing them that their dog has been located. It even gives the owner their dogs exact GPA location!

Because the Doggy Smart Tag utilizes such modern technologies as the internet and computing devices, each Smart Tag comes with a unique URL, which is displayed on the front of the tag itself. With this URL any owner or person who finds a dog with this tag, may see the dog’s profile, which includes vital pieces of information, such as where they live and their owner’s phone number.

There are few other tags such as this on the market today. But what really makes the Doggy Smart Tag stand out from all the others is it’s unique Near Field Communication technology.

Near Field Communication, or NFC, tag technology quickly allows any person with a smart phone to scan the tag and briskly access the dog’s most basic information.

The Doggy Tag Finder is the absolute best in dog location technology. It is no surprise that thousands of people across the country have already decided to switch to the Doggy Tag Finder to keep track of their four legged loved ones.

Why shouldn’t you?

Only with the Doggy Tag Finder can you always feel secure about your dog and keep your peace of mind!

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