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6 Things to Buy Before Getting a Puppy

Puppies are loved because they are adorable, playful, and affectionate animals. That is why people may buy them impulsively without knowing the basic things to raise a puppy at home.

Animals have some of the same basic emotions as humans. After deciding which breed to get, learn everything there is to know about them.

To make things easier, here are six things every puppy owner needs to buy before bringing their pup home.

Dog Crate

Researching the breed of the puppy gives a general idea of what the size of the crate should be. A crate should be big enough for the pup to lay down, stretch, stand up, and turn around in. Having a soft blanket can also make it more comfortable. The crates are usually made of stainless steel, plastic, or fiberglass. The stainless steel crates last a long time, but the plastic or lightweight fiberglass crates are safer for the puppy when driving or flying.

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A collar with a dog ID is useful when taking the puppy outdoors. In case it ever gets lost, the owner’s information written on the collar ID can be used to easily find them. When picking out a collar, make sure it’s size is adjustable. The collar on the puppy’s neck should have enough space for it to be comfortable. When adjusting, leave enough space for two fingers to fit in between the collar and the neck.


There is a wide range of dog leashes available in the market. The recommended length for a puppy in training is 4 feet. A longer leash will drag on the ground and can get tangled in the puppy’s legs leading to injuries. When it is better trained, a 6 feet leash should be enough for the dog to explore while the owner still being in control.

Training Pads

Puppies are babies, and they don’t have much sense of where to pee and potty. Instead of getting the house covered in dog poop, buy some puppy potty pads that can be used while training. These will help in initial training and teach the puppy how to go in one visible and consistent area. When choosing the right pad, make sure it is absorbent, easy to clean, and big enough for the puppy.

Entertainment Supplies

Puppies can get bored too. They might start chewing on furniture or break things while their owners might be busy. For that reason, having some toys that the pup can play with is a good idea. Dogs normally like to chew toys because it’s in their nature to chew on bones. Have some stuffed animals to comfort the little pups, and balls and discs to play in the park.

Grooming Kit

Even a young dog’s fur needs regular washing and brushing. Puppies also need their teeth brushed, ears cleaned, and nails clipped among other things. Buying things like a comb, cotton balls and ear cleaning solution, nail clippers, shampoo, toothbrush, and dog toothpaste should be enough to get started. Make sure to get these things that properly suit the breed of the dog.

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