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Tips To Groom Your Puppy

Grooming will not only help your dog look his best but will also ensure his good health. Through grooming, you can remove the dead hair and skin from the dog and it will give you an opportunity to thoroughly check his body and the coat for health issues.

Most importantly, when you groom your puppy, the bond between the two of you will grow. Though puppies do not need a lot of grooming, it is important to groom them from an early stage so that they are comfortable with you and your family members.


The first stage of grooming is brushing. It is important to use a brush with soft bristles and gently stroke the back of the puppy a couple of times. You can give him a treat if he is being good and allowing you to stroke. If your puppy does not behave well, it is best to allow him to get tired so that he does not wriggle too much or does not bite at the brush.

With time, you can ensure he is fine with brushing on a table and you need to use varieties of treats as well. You will have to ensure that he does not jump off the table. Whenever you are grooming, you will have to ensure that the fur does not show any signs of parasites or infection. When you notice fleas dirt, you need to immediately ask your vet about the cause and treatment of the same. This is also a common period for demodectic mites to cause thinning of hair on the limbs and face. A vet can easily recognize the condition through scraping of the skin and can provide treatment options.


The puppy will have to get used to taking a bath from time to time. You cannot straightaway open the hose on him in your backyard. You need to begin with using tap water and ensure that it is regular temperature you can bathe in. There is no need to bathe his complete body from the start. Instead, you can do the leg or foot for the start and then give him treats. It will be much simpler if you can find someone who can steady him and give him rewards through the process of bathing.

You will also have to ensure that the puppy does not feel cold afterward because you need to ensure he enjoys the entire experience. You can use a towel to dry him in the end and start to use a blow dryer. It might feel slightly complicated at first but even the puppy will easily get used to it. Avoid blow drying his face at the beginning and start with his back or legs and if it is cold, he will understand that the blow dryer actually works wonders.

Nail Trimming

In order to ensure that the paws of your puppy look and feel good, you need to give him a pedicure. Long nails could hurt the puppy or it could lead to an infection. You need to begin by picking the paws of your dog and gently holding them for some time. You can then give him a treat and ensure he is not scared at all when you hold his paw. Then use the clippers and hold them near the nail after giving him another treat.

You will need a lot of patience throughout the process of nail trimming. Do not rush through it and ensure that the puppy is not scared when the nails are being trimmed. After bringing home a puppy, if you think that looking after him is overwhelming and the idea scares you, you might want to consider selling the puppy before you get emotionally attached to him. Andrew White from PuppySystem.com explains that people ask him all the time where to list their puppies.

Unfortunately, there is no great answer for that but there are some things you can do. Facebook has become a great marketing tool, make sure you are posting about your amazing puppies and it will end up being seen by your future buyers. Craigslist can also be a great tool but also a pain in the rear end. You just have to be diligent and reposting and make sure you use the tips from Puppy System when creating the add.

If you learn how to groom the puppy, it will be a fun activity for you and not a struggle. Take it slow and remain patient throughout the process.

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