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5 Tips for How to Stop a Puppy From Chewing Unwanted Things

How to prevent or stop your puppy from chewing. First everyone need to understand once they get out of puppy scared phase, a puppy will start behaviors of chewing anything like; hands, shoes, books, boxes, furniture, etc. This critical development stage of a young dog life is very important and perfectly normal of a growing puppy, However How do we stop it?

While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply to any breed. Here are 5 tips for anyone to help stop you puppy from chewing.

Teaching your puppy the game fetch with a stick or rubber ball

Start your puppy at a young age the game of fetch and retrieve. What this teaches the puppy is to get familiar with having an objects like a stick or ball being removed from its jaw without using force or intimidation. Once your puppy get use to this game and having an understanding on how this game works, you will notice when removing objects from puppy jaws will be easier.


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Have a variety of chew items

Have a good mixture of a rubber chew toys for example; rubber dog bone, balls, dog ring, raw beef hide, and different types of ropes. These chew toys are good to have in the areas where it is likely for your puppy will chew on unwanted items. When puppy starts to chew on none desirable items, just remove item from room and replace with a chew toy.  Check out bestchewtoys.com for some deals on great chew toys.

room-1478809[1]Puppy chew proof room

Create a room that can be completely puppy proof, have no chew items in it only plastic crates, boxes, baby gates and puppy exercise pens will help your puppy to grow out of the chewing stage. Every time your puppy does not listen your commands put puppy in the room with you or some and play. Once puppies’ energy for chew subsides you can remove the puppy from room, this will teach your puppy to slowly get out of chewing phase of its young dog years.

Doggy TreatsHave a form of a food reward

Dog treats are a good reward, what treats accomplish are your puppy will learn at a very young age it will get a reward when it does something you give a positive reaction too. It will teach your puppy to do what you say, and will stops unwanted behaviors like chewing.

Keeping an eye on your puppy

Raising a puppies to become a mature dog’s will be a full time event for you and your family so be patient. Your puppy will eventually grow out of this stage of their life, but in the beginning stages of puppy life you’re going to ideally you want to watch them for long periods of time, like a young child/baby. This step is probably the hardest of all the steps but the one step that gets easier when puppy grows out of this stage of life.

Once all this step are learned and applied, then you have successfully taught your puppy to stop chewing things up. Just remember take your time, have patience and have fun.

The article above was written by guest writer, James. James is a nature enthusiast and dog lover who enjoys communicating his passion through the written word.he is the owner of blog wireless-dog-fence.com, which specializes in wireless dog fences. To learn more about Wireless Dog Fences, visit www. wireless-dog-fence.com.


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