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5 Important Facts About Dog Treats

The world of dog treats is a familiar one for many pet owners, offering delightful rewards for our four-legged friends and serving as a means of providing extra nourishment. While dog treats undoubtedly hold their place in the pet world, there are essential facts about them that often go unnoticed but are crucial for ensuring our dogs’ well-being. In this …

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Can Dogs Eat Jerky?

Humans love jerky!  And dogs do too!  But have you wondered if your dog can have it too?  Well, it depends – Jerky made for humans are often spiced and should not be given to dogs.  Jerky made for canine consumption, however, if made from quality meats, can be a good and nutritious dog treat. What is Jerky? Jerky is …

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Why Do Dogs Stare at You

Careful! You are being watched! It’s a funny feeling knowing that someone or something is watching your every step. It’s even weirder that it’s your own dog monitoring you while you eat your lunch, work on your laptop or brush your teeth. Luckily, it’s far less disconcerting being watched by your dog rather than being constantly observed by a person. …

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How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

Have you noticed lately that your dog treats your backyard as his personal earthmoving project? I mean, all dogs enjoy their excavation trips from time to time, but this just seems too much. Before we begin explaining how to stop your dog from digging, you must realize that this is a very natural and instinctive behavior, so don’t be too …

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How to Train Your Puppy

Looking for some tips and tricks on puppy training or online dog training? Here are some more Games, Activities and Training Tips to Make Your Spaniel Bark for Joy.  While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed. How to stop your dog from barking If you can’t stop your dog from barking, here are some …

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5 Tips for How to Stop a Puppy From Chewing

How to prevent or stop your puppy from chewing. First everyone need to understand once they get out of puppy scared phase, a puppy will start behaviors of chewing anything like; hands, shoes, books, boxes, furniture, etc. This critical development stage of a young dog life is very important and perfectly normal of a growing puppy, However How do we …

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Uses & Benefits of CBD for Dogs

You must have surely heard about CBD, which is one of the 113 active cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD is known for its outstanding beneficial properties, not just for humans but also for pets, especially dogs. CBD is a safer, effective, non-toxic, and affordable option than other treatments. CBD may help your dog treating with common and severe problems including …

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