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What is an Emotional Support Dog?

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There is no doubt that every dog is emotionally connected with his owner offering certain emotional comfort. However, an Emotional Support Dog needs to be prescribed to a person with a mental illness, by a professional licensed in mental health. The decision of whether a person needs the presence of a dog for the benefit of his own mental health …

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Breeder Guidelines for Selling Puppies

784185336310 310x165 - Breeder Guidelines for Selling Puppies

Selling puppies is a huge responsibility and it can be very overwhelming if you’re just starting out as a breeder. Even experienced breeders get foxed from time to time. As a breeder you are responsible for taking care of the puppies and finding them good homes where they will be loved and well looked after. What are the basics that …

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Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in the United States

tricolorcav 310x165 - Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in the United States

Everybody looks forward to having a relaxed and fun vacation to get away from the daily routines. Many pet owners feel that the only possible way they can enjoy is to bring their pets to the vacation, as a natural part of the loving family. Good thing is that the trend of traveling with dogs and pets on vacations and …

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Linked Up For Animals

41e96d455e6d1e4cefffb75952e0dd15 original1 310x165 - Linked Up For Animals

Linked Up For Animals is an online based community composed of animal organizations, animal advocates and all animal lovers log-on to interact, communicate and take up much-needed action to save and protect the fragile lives of the animals sharing the planet with us (humans) the superior animal. The social media platform we have created is tailored to help persons that …

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Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the USA

dogfriendlyrestaurant 310x165 - Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the USA

Whenever you feel like having a brunch, you don’t need to leave out your furry family member out of the activity. Many restaurants across the USA are dog-friendly and offer special, tasty menus where you and your dog can fill up your bellies. While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed. This …

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Cavalier King Charles Rescue – Why You Should Adopt a Rescue Dog

803287233519 310x165 - Cavalier King Charles Rescue - Why You Should Adopt a Rescue Dog

Scroll all the way down or click here for a list of places you can adopt in the United States and UK  Dogs are man’s best friend. All they want is care and in return, they will care about you more. If you have little bit sympathy for dogs or have made up your mind adopting a dog, then, it …

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Networking App for Dog Lovers

MDSbannerBG1 310x165 - Networking App for Dog Lovers

Have you ever been to a dog meetup? Did you enjoy networking with the people you met? How did you come to know about the dog meet? The community of dog lovers is huge, but it’s not always easy finding one another. helps dog lovers like yourself connect through their app, whether for friendship, dog walking buddies, even dating …

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The Ultimate Dog-sitting Service

doglover 310x165 - The Ultimate Dog-sitting Service

Exercising man’s best friend is more than just exercise, it keeps your pal from getting bored, is a great training opportunity, and teaches your pet how to socialize with other dogs.  It gives you exercise at the same time while making your bond stronger. When you are away When you are away and unable to take you beloved companion, leaving …

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