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The 7 Most Important Skills To Teach Your Dog

They say dogs are man’s best friend, and it’s not really hard to see why. A great dog becomes part of the family and bonds to their owners, providing love and constant companionship throughout their days.

Dogs make great pets, but they have to be taught how to listen and obey certain commands for their safety, as well as everyone else around them.

What are the best commands that every dog should learn? When should you start teaching them? How should you train them to listen? There are some things that should take priority in a dog’s training over others. It’s good fun when you can train your dog to do tricks, but not at the expense of teaching them important commands, like how to sit or stay. Most commands that you will teach early to your puppy will create healthy, happy, and safe dogs to be around other pets and people.

There are some things, like teaching your pet their name and housebreaking your dog, that every new dog owner knows they have to accomplish, yet many flounder on the next important skills to teach their beloved canine friend. Here is a list of the 7 most important skills that every dog should be taught by their owners.

Do Your Business

“The biggest challenge a dog owner faces is housebreaking their new puppy” says Angela Warren, a writer at 1 Day 2 write and Write my X. This involves training their dog that they go to the bathroom outdoors, not indoors. Part of teaching them this is teaching them a verbal command so that they will go outside and do exactly that.

Watch your new puppy closely to know when they need to go to the toilet and every time you take them out, use the word or phrase you want to teach them (such as ‘go wee’ or ‘do your business,’ or whatever phrase you want to use here) and reward them heavily when they listen and go to the toilet outside. Never punish a dog for getting it wrong and having accidents indoors as they do not understand cause and effect the way we do.


Sitting is an important skill to teach your dog. It’s a command that you will use daily with your pooch. It’s a good way to keep them calm and in awaiting another command position.

To teach them to sit, simply hold a treat in your hand and slowly move it behind their head. When they crouch, say “sit” and give them their reward and lots of praise.


This is another staple command for your doggie that you will use daily. This command is as much for their safety as it is for the safety of others. It can stop them from running and jumping on people to chase squirrels and other critters. This command should be taught from an early age.

To train your puppy to stay, start by having them sit, then slowly back away from your dog. If he or she moves, simply say ‘no’ and have them sit. When they stop say “stay” and reward them, then tell them to come.

Leave it

Sometimes, you don’t recognize an object on the ground, and you don’t want your dog investigating it “Leave it” is a great command that you need to teach your canine friend.

“This command is perfect while out on walks and helps keep your dog healthy and safe,” says David Swarthout, a dog blogger at Brit Student and Next Coursework.

To teach it to your dog, have two treats, one hidden behind your back, the other in front of your dog. Close your hand into a fist around the treat you are holding in front of your dog while saying “leave it.” When they lose interest in the treat in your hand, praise them and give them the treat you were hiding behind your back.


This command should be one of the first commands you teach him or her, perhaps second to only teaching them their name. it is an especially important command if you plan to have them off their lead. You don’t want them running off and potentially hurting other animals or people or themselves. It can stop them from running out into traffic or playing in otherwise unsafe areas.

Put your dog on a lead and say the command while you tug lightly on their leash. When he or she comes to you, reward them with heaps of praise and a treat. Teaching this command will take several days of consistent training so be patient.


If you have a big dog, then you know they can get excited and jump about, including jumping on visitors, which can be alarming if they are not used to big animals. Down is a good command to teach to your canine companion.

This command is a bit harder to teach, but still very possible. Use a strong-smelling treat and hold it in front of your dog until they smell it. Once this happens, bring the treat down to the floor and once your dog eventually puts their belly on the floor say “down” and give them the treat.


No one likes being dragged around on a walk by their dog. It’s not fun and can potentially cause a world of problems for the dog as well as you, the owner. Heel teaches them to walk nicely at your side and is another command to train your dog if you plan to have them off their lead in the correct designated areas.

To teach them heel, periodically while on a walk, have your dog sit, take out a treat then begin walking, holding them tight on their lead, and say “heel” while holding the treat above their head. Reward them and then give them the treat.

These are the top 7 skills that every dog owner should teach to their beloved doggy friends.

Michael Dehoyos is a lifestyle writer and editor at Thesis writing service and Write my Essay. He contributes to numerous sites and publications, writing on a wide variety of topics. Michael also is a writer at Origin Writings.

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