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How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

dogteeth 310x165 - How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Bad oral hygiene can lead to the formation of plaque, bad breath, gum inflammation and infections and tooth decay. Every minor complication can turn into spreading infection potentially lethal for the dog’s life. So making the brushing process a daily routine is of utmost importance in keeping your dog safe and healthy. While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King …

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Uses & Benefits of CBD for Dogs

CBD Oil Article1 1024x533 310x165 - Uses & Benefits of CBD for Dogs

You must have surely heard about CBD, which is one of the 113 active cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD is known for its outstanding beneficial properties, not just for humans but also for pets, especially dogs. CBD is a safer, effective, non-toxic, and affordable option than other treatments. CBD may help your dog treating with common and severe problems including …

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Why Do Dogs Shiver or Tremble

DogWormsFeature 750x4101 310x165 - Why Do Dogs Shiver or Tremble

There are different reasons why your dog is trembling or shivering. It can indicate an emotional issue or a problem with his physical health. Sometimes treatment is necessary and sometimes you can just let it go as it will spontaneously resolve. So how do you know when to be concerned when your pup is shivering or trembling? Cold Like humans, …

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Why Do Dogs Lick People?

cav tail1 310x165 - Why Do Dogs Lick People?

Some owners really like when their dog starts licking them despite all the gooey left-overs whilst others don’t really like this, especially when the pooch starts licking the face. Most people see this thing as an act of affection, and they are not that far from the truth. But is there a bit more than dog licking than just showing …

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Ways Dogs Can Improve Your Health

58785059 377025699569790 1743526126880019754 n 310x165 - Ways Dogs Can Improve Your Health

Are you stressed, unhappy, or sad? These are only a few of the negative emotions most of us experience on a daily basis. We may have a family life or a successful career, but it seems like something is missing. Or, even worse, our state of health is declining, in spite of all our efforts. Well, the truth is that …

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