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Beneficial Oils for Dogs

cavalierfield 310x165 - Beneficial Oils for Dogs

Are you giving your best to improve your dog’s wellness and health but haven’t tried a holistic approach? Well then it’s about time you learn about the benefits of some natural remedies, specifically oils, your dog can consume. These beneficial oils, along with some other natural remedies are becoming more and more popular and widely used. Most veterinarians don’t have …

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Can Dogs Eat Fruits?

kk1 310x165 - Can Dogs Eat Fruits?

Giving your four-legged fluff table scraps from time to time isn’t a bad idea at all. This way the bond between the owners and the dogs increases and they might just get e few extra nutrients at the side. Of course, it’s always better to check which human foods are dangerous and which aren’t. Most dogs really like fruits and …

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6 Things to Buy Before Getting a Puppy

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 1 e15336886678961 310x165 - 6 Things to Buy Before Getting a Puppy

Puppies are loved because they are adorable, playful, and affectionate animals. That is why people may buy them impulsively without knowing the basic things to raise a puppy at home. Animals have some of the same basic emotions as humans. After deciding which breed to get, learn everything there is to know about them. To make things easier, here are …

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Tips To Keep Your Dogs Healthy

18251908 1877648469173327 4227847063221567488 n1 310x165 - Tips To Keep Your Dogs Healthy

Keeping your dogs healthy is one of the simplest things that you can do if you have used all the tips listed below to care for your pets. Your dogs will be much happier and healthier because they are being fed and exercised well. You should have a look at all the options you have for your pets, and you …

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How Long are Dogs in Heat?

12547563 622992461175186 1355487716 n1 310x165 - How Long are Dogs in Heat?

Female dogs become reproductively active from six to nine months of age (wider interval for certain breeds) and remain through the course of their whole lives. While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed. What is the Best Age to Breed a Female Dog? From the first time a female enters a …

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Tips To Groom Your Puppy

51749400 349571488981876 1783780761427402750 n 310x165 - Tips To Groom Your Puppy

Grooming will not only help your dog look his best but will also ensure his good health. Through grooming, you can remove the dead hair and skin from the dog and it will give you an opportunity to thoroughly check his body and the coat for health issues. Most importantly, when you groom your puppy, the bond between the two …

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Do Dogs Sweat?

13687395 310560819280086 650151957 n1 310x165 - Do Dogs Sweat?

Sweating is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the organism overheats and needs the mechanism to cool itself down. Additionally, some toxins and electrolytes are also excreted through the sweat keeping the body clean. While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed. In contrast to the popular belief that dogs don’t have …

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Safety Tips While Driving with Dogs

cavalierincar 310x165 - Safety Tips While Driving with Dogs

Do you follow all the rules while driving with your dog? If yes, you are away from any distraction and can keep an eye without any disturbance behind you. Those, who do not follow the instructions, can be distracted, started from nuisance and can take you to a potentially life-threatening safety hazard. The situations change on the roads in the …

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Dry Skin on Dogs

22277674 2126300384264117 5863246699731877888 n 310x165 - Dry Skin on Dogs

Dry skin on dogs can be a serious skin condition that requires a diagnostic procedure to determine the exact causes of the problem. It’s really frustrating thing both for the dogs and their owners as dry skin makes the dog feel uncomfortable and excessively itchy which worsens the situation even further. How to Treat Dry Skin on Dogs To treat …

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