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10 Places To Buy Pet Supplies On A Budget

dogshopping 310x165 - 10 Places To Buy Pet Supplies On A Budget

“Save, save, save!” We are all about saving money and cutting costs when possible. In any economy, that’s a good idea. Food, clothing, shoes, whatever, there is always a sale to attract customers. Especially since the evolution of online retailers, companies are driving sales like crazy. Pet products are no exception. Pets are expensive, and if you have a multi-pet …

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Dog Life Span – How Long Do Dog’s Live?

784185336310 310x165 - Dog Life Span - How Long Do Dog's Live?

Probably every dog owner’s wish is to have his/her pet around for a lifetime, but we know that isn’t possible. This is a hurtful truth for sure, but what do we actually know about a dog’s lifespan and the ways to prolong it.

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Smart Home for Dogs: Transform Your Space Into a Pet Paradise

20180223663761651 310x165 - Smart Home for Dogs: Transform Your Space Into a Pet Paradise

The term ‘Smart home’ is used to designate those houses that have a lighting system, security, cameras, appliances and all types of home automation devices that can be controlled from your mobile phone and/or tablet, regardless of the distance you are from. The best part here is smart home is not just for humans, they are now designed for pets …

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What Are The Easiest Dog Breeds To Educate?

IMG 5837 310x165 - What Are The Easiest Dog Breeds To Educate?

There are a multitude of breeds, more than 300 listed by the Central Canine Society to be precise. But are there races easier to educate than others? Do you want to adopt a dog and you do not know which race to lead you to? You are afraid to choose a race that does not really fit you, a race …

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Why Do Dogs Stare at You

66492248 106135060616171 8148834673475137593 n 310x165 - Why Do Dogs Stare at You

Careful! You are being watched! It’s a funny feeling knowing that someone or something is watching your every step. It’s even weirder that it’s your own dog monitoring you while you eat your lunch, work on your laptop or brush your teeth. Luckily, it’s far less disconcerting being watched by your dog rather than being constantly observed by a person. …

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Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears

puppy licks mans ear 93 paused1 310x165 - Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears

A dog licking his owner’s ears a sign of love and affection for some, and a nuisance for others. Both thinking sides are pretty much correct. An occasional lick isn’t something to be worried about, but what happens when the dog does it often? There are a few reasons why the behavior keeps repeating and we will explain how to …

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Dogs – Man’s Best Friend

dog walker 1387134 310x165 - Dogs – Man’s Best Friend

A dog is a man’s best friend according to the old adage and who are we to argue. Dogs have befriended humans for centuries and are renowned as being kind and loyal bedfellows. So, here are the reasons you need a dog in your life. For more, check out dogadvertiser.com for fun reading on health and wellness of your pets. …

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Family Friendly Dogs: the Best Spaniel Breeds

gingerhorizontal 310x165 - Family Friendly Dogs: the Best Spaniel Breeds

Many first-time prospective pet owners do not know where to start when it comes to getting a puppy for the first time.  If you are looking for a family and kid friendly breed, spaniels and spaniel mixes are naturally lovable and fit right in very easily. Basics Adopting a dog is like choosing a new member of the family.  Rather …

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Sleeping Pup Videos

Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Some say I’m unique because I love sleeping on my back and I easily fall asleep upon being tucked in.  Here is a sample compilation of some of those videos. More will be added as they come in. Related: How many hours a day do dogs sleep? Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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About Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Ruby and Tri Color Cavalier King Charles

Also check out our expanded version about  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on our blog. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small spaniel classed as a toy dog by The Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club. They have silky, smooth coats and commonly a smooth undocked tail. The breed standard recognizes four colors: Ruby Cavalier King Charles, like ginger (rich …

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