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How Do Dog Years Work

Most people consider that a dog’s year is equal to seven human years. It’s not exactly clear how society got stuck on that ratio, but one thing is sure – this type of calculation isn’t exactly accurate.

While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed.

Converting human years to dog years isn’t as simple as one might think. Dogs mature and get older much faster than humans and the relationship between their age and our ages isn’t constant over time.

That’s why just multiplying the dog’s years with seven doesn’t quite work.

No Standardized Calculating Model

Even today, there isn’t a standardized calculating model for dog years, but there are few helpful methods. One method takes into account the human and dog maximum life-spans and important life-stage markers like puberty, adulthood and senior age.

Dogs reach their adulthood within the first two years of their lives. During this period they have passed infancy, preteen and teenage and become adults. A two-year-old dog can be somewhere between 15 and 24 human years. Starting to count the adult ages you can add 4 human years to every dog’s year.

The problem with this method is that it doesn’t take a dog’s breed, weight, and body-size into account. Without these factors, the method is lacking accuracy. For example, it’s a well-known fact that large dog breeds tend to get older faster than small breeds so you cannot put all of them in one basket.

Dog Year Calculator

The dog year calculator was developed by a team of scientists that collected data on 23.000 dogs to evaluate the average life-span of the pet according to breed. Using the data they were able to conduct a formula for converting dog years to human years. It turned out that the calculation is a bit more complicated than multiplying by seven.

We will present the key points of the calculator. When they reach one year of age, dogs weighing up to 60 lbs reach 12 human years, dogs weighing 50-70 lbs reach 14 and dogs weighing 75-100 lbs reach 16 human years. It’s considered that the largest breeds of dogs (over 100 lbs) have 20 human years on their first birthday. One year later you can add 6 more human years to dogs weighing 15-30, 75-100 and 100+ lbs and 7 more human years to dogs weighing 30-50 and 50-75 lbs. You always take the dog’s 1-year-old weight into account.

At 15 years of age dogs weighing 15-30 lbs will have 73 human years, dogs weighing 30-50 lbs will have 75 human years, a dog weighing 50-75 lbs will have 80 human years, dogs weighing 75-100 lbs will have 86 human years and dogs 100+ lbs will have 96 human years. In between, each year 3-6 human years are added to smaller breeds and 4-7 human years to larger breeds according to scientific data.

Knowing the dog’s age in human years is quite important both for owners and veterinarians. A dog’s physiological age can help owners and veterinarians provide the best care, food, and exercise accordingly.

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