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Can a Dog Wheelchair Help Smaller Dogs?

There’s a mistaken belief with some dog owners that dog wheelchairs are a single size and only suitable for larger dogs to take their considerable weight. That’s not actually true.

In fact, not only are wheelchairs for dogs adjustable in size, but they can be purchased at different weight limits too. This makes complete sense because dogs do range in size from pocket ones that you can cradle to large Golden Labs.

While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed.

Can a Dog Wheelchair Help a Senior King Charles Cavalier?

Senior dogs tend to get weaker as they age. It’s certainly true that smaller or “pocket-sized” doggies suffer most from bad hips and questionable knees. Eventually, they find that jumping up on the sofa is no longer a good idea and prefer their doggie bed at ground level.

The older a dog gets, the more they’ll suffer from arthritis, bad knees, wobbly legs or hip dysplasia that individually or collectively impacts their stability. They often have difficulty standing up or climbing stairs. Because there are wheelchairs for dogs of all sizes from places like K9 Carts, it’s possible to help them by supporting their hind legs to remove the worst of the issues; even temporarily.

Post-op Care for the Cavalier?

If your little King Charles has had an operation recently, he or she may need some rest and relaxation to fully recover. Whether it’s a case of a general lack of energy or being unsteady because of the medication, assisting them to move around along with extra TLC works wonders.

Source: cavalierhealth.org

In a situation where the operation was on their legs, knees, or hips, they will likely have a problem standing up. Fully supporting their own weight risks tearing any sutures and they’ll have to be redone. Providing support through a dog wheelchair elevates their body to its usual height without applying new strain to joints or limbs. Doing so allows the affected areas to heal on their own.

Spine Fully Supported

A dog’s spine sometimes receives trauma from running across the road and getting hit by a passing car or motorbike. It’s unfortunately all too commonplace. For dog owners, a vet’s examination and accompanying X-rays help to confirm the damage.

A wheelchair can provide ample support to their spine, frame and girth to allow it to rest and heal. It also avoids the Cavalier trying to move around as freely which could further injure them. These types of impact injuries typically require weeks or months to fully heal. By using a support system to take the strain off the affected areas, a little Spaniel has a good chance of recovering most, if not all, their mobility with enough time. After all, the King Charles is a resilient breed.

When it comes to your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, not giving up on them when they suffer a health setback is important. They live long enough that some preventative care, plus an exploration of the different care options available ensures they will enjoy a more pleasant life.

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  1. Do your wheelchairs help King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, whose back legs are weak and they cause her to fall? Would it alleviate pressure off of her heart?

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