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Who wouldn’t want a cushion that looks like their pets doppelgänger?

These custom pet cushions are the ultimate cuddle companion for pet parents

In an Olympic games summer, it’s fair to say that if being obsessed with your pet was a brand new Olympic sport (wouldn’t that be epic?), then we’d be winning gold medals like the best of them. From Usain Bolt, to the man who has amassed more golds than anybody, Michael Phelps, we would be there on the top step of the podium.

After all, our pets dominate our social feeds, they (probs) own more toys than a Sheiks firstborn son and we’ll fight anyone who dares to challenge the notion that our dear ol’ Roger is not the cutest dog you have ever seen. Here in the USA, over half of the entire population is a pet owner, and we’re officially a nation of pet lovers.

All of this is why we are 100% turning a photo of our beloved pet/s into one of these SquishyFacedCrew 3d pet shaped cushions – because frankly why wouldn’t you want a cuddly and super soft companion pillow to the real thing, especially as there are no noxious gasses coming out of the pillow version?

SquishyFacedCrew.com, our new favorite store for all things personalized and pets, take a photo of your pet and hand make a 3d cushion in the shape of him or her – yes these really are real-life pet pillows. Simply upload your pet’s best photo and they will do the rest. You get emailed a link to a preview page on their site to review your design, and once you approve it (you get unlimited edits) then they make it and expect to receive yours in around 2-3 weeks.

They have sizes from 8″/20cm (warning, this is small – really only suitable for pet birds and really small pets like Hamsters) through to 120cm/48 inches – which is at the entirely opposite end of the spectrum because that size is HUGE. The happy medium is their 60cm/18inch large size – which at the time of writing includes a FREE pair of personalized socks to go with your cushion. Prices range from $27.97 through to over $100 for the supersize

A quick word to the wise on photos: These really matter. If you scan through their hundreds of photo reviews, you’ll see that the best outcomes are those where the photo provided is clear, high resolution, and taken outside in daylight – they have all these and more guidelines on their site.

If the 3D pillow isn’t quite enough for you, then they can go a step further with their pet replica teddy bear that is personalized to look like your pet. Yes, you read that right – now you can make a teddy bear (cuddly toy) that looks exactly like your dearest pet. All you have to do is upload as many pics of your pet as you can – which is going to be easy because you have at least one thousand – and submit your order. The process is then very much the same as before for their pillows – you get a design to review, they make it and send you a bundle of cuddles in the post.

So if you’re in the market for a great gift for a pet parent, or if you or someone you know has had a dearly loved pet cross the rainbow bridge, or if you travel for work or play – then these really are amazing gifts. Our friends at SquishyFacedCrew have extended the unique coupon GET15 to us and our readers – add this code and swipe 15% off your entire order 🙂

Can we have the cushions and life-like replicas, please?

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