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4 Things To Know Before Getting A Family Pet

At some point in every child’s life, there is a desire to own a pet. Owning a pet has proven to promote mental and emotional development in children. Additionally, having a pet is a great way to teach kids virtues like taking responsibilities, friendship, trust, and love. In addition, owning a pet promotes your child’s social skills, reduces stress and anxiety, and impacts a sense of unity, especially among siblings.

It is important to note that although you are trying to train your child to take care of a pet, the ultimate responsibility and ownership of it falls to the parent or guardian. Therefore it is crucial to research and analyze before getting a family pet carefully. Here are four things to consider before getting a family pet.

Cost Implications

It is vital to choose a pet that fits within your budget. Owning a pet impacts a lot of expenses due to food, waste disposal, toys, grooming, and veterinary care. Whether you choose to buy or adopt a pet from a rescue home, the law expects that the minimum standard care should be provided to the new addition. Animals are costly or expensive in the long run in terms of their feed and veterinary care.

Extensive research before choosing your pet will enable you to average the cost of having the pet. If you are opting for a more pocket-friendly pet, consider having a rabbit, hamster or a goldfish. It is essential to consider the space in terms of whether you have sufficient space in your home to cater to a fully grown pet. If not, then choose smaller breeds of dogs or cats.


Owning a pet calls for not only finances but also attention. Pets need attention; they are like your little children. Some pets, like dogs and cats, have a lifespan of ten to fifteen years. Therefore, it is vital to set aside time to play with them, feed them, remove their waste, and take them for a walk.

If your work entails long hours in the office or your job involves a lot of traveling, it is advised against adopting a pet unless there is a caregiver at home. Solitude in pets may cause adverse behavioral characteristics as they have minimal human interaction.

Pets need love, care, and attention. This calls for a certain level of commitment. If, upon thorough analysis, you feel that the pet will not be able to fit into your lifestyle, do not adopt a pet. Alternatively, you can choose a less demanding type of pet like a goldfish.

Training your pet is a time-intensive job. Newly adopted pets need to be potty trained. Additionally, they need to be trained in obedience and defending their owner in case of any danger. All these require commitment and time. However, animals like hamsters and birds do not require potty training.

Health Implications

One needs to consider the health implications that pets will pose to your family members. If a family member has a history of allergy to fur or hair or has asthma, then it is advised not to get a furry animal as a pet. For such a family, consult your local pet store to look for hypoallergenic pets. If you are not sure if any of your family members have allergies or not, try staying at a friend’s who has a pet and look out for any warning signs of allergy.

When choosing a family pet, choose one that is not aggressive or pets that are considered less dangerous. Aggressive pets may cause serious injuries that could lead to fatalities. Conduct thorough background research on the type of pet and the breed that you want before adopting a pet.

Choosing the Right Pet For Your Family

Once you have considered the above factors, it is important to have a sit down with your family members. Have an active conversation with your family and discuss the family members’ expectations and responsibilities before getting a pet. It is crucial to choose a pet that your child is comfortable with as a pet. Allocate the different roles and ensure that each family member is willing to participate in taking care of the family pet.

Pets are living creatures, and they will die at some point in your life. Sometimes the death of a pet may feel like that of a family member. Ensure that your child knows how to deal with the loss of a pet, which may have serious emotional implications.

Conclusively, owning a pet demands a lot of responsibility from family members. Therefore, it is essential to consider the above four factors before getting a family pet.

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