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Safety Tips While Driving with Dogs

Do you follow all the rules while driving with your dog? If yes, you are away from any distraction and can keep an eye without any disturbance behind you. Those, who do not follow the instructions, can be distracted, started from nuisance and can take you to a potentially life-threatening safety hazard.

The situations change on the roads in the blink of an eye and if you have not arranged a proper place for your dog, you can get in a severe accident without any specific reason.

The Highway Code is the most important rule for those drivers who have their pet in their cars. It insists the driver restrain their dogs or other animals in the most suitable way. There must not be any distraction behind you when you are driving. You must ensure that your pet is enjoying traveling and will be safe if you need to apply brakes suddenly.

The drivers should understand that failure in observing the rules of the Highway Code means heavy fines and license points. If it happens, you will face the difficulties in buying the general auto insurance as well.

What is required before driving with dogs? Well, you need proper and careful planning.  While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply for any breed.

To make your planning successful, we suggest you the following tips:

You need containers, guards and crates

You need to ensure that your dog must have enough space to remain comfortable in the car. He must have a place to stand, lie down, sit and turn around according to his convenience. Dogs want to see out all the time while traveling and if it is not there, they show consciousness. Dogs also want proper ventilation and disturb if it is humid in the car.

Make sure that his bedding is on the floor. When you increase the speed or apply brakes, the dog slips around and you need to prevent from making your driving smooth and comfortable. You must also ensure that your dog must be safe if you have an accident and for that, use only those containers and crates that are according to their size and weight.

Use car harness for your dog’s security

If you use a car harness, you need to fix it with the seat belt and ensure that it is properly measured and linked. Padding will also help you protect your dog in case of sudden application of brakes. For small dogs, you can also use a booster seat. It will help you fix your dog with the seat belt at a good height.

Train your dog

Training is a must for dogs before driving with them. You should train the dog to be quiet and relax while you are driving. He must not fidget around. When you start driving, the dogs show anxiousness but after some time, become comfortable and enjoy what is happening around. You must train your dog not to leave the car until you instruct to do it.

Keep your dog comfortable

Make sure that you have provided enough food and water for your dog. Make it possible that the head of the dog must remain in the car. If it is sunny and hot outside, arrange sunshades for him as well.

Take your dog with you if you are leaving your car for a long time

In a standing car under the sun, the temperature may increase at a rapid speed, so if you are coming out of your car of a long time, take your dog out as well.

Take breaks

Dogs love to stretch out regularly. If you are on a very long drive, we suggest you take breaks after two hours. It will allow your dog to stretch out. It will also help him go to the toilet as well. Dogs do not love traveling and become sick during long journeys. Make sure that your dog is well and if feel sickness, arrange some medicine for him.

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