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I ate our baseboards

Update from my human: So Ginger chewed up the baseboards all around the house, probably a month after the new ones had been installed. But how could we punish that face? Luckily for us, some of Ginger’s videos became popular and made some ad money.  We used whatever we made to pay for new baseboards and to helping other animals through leftover donations.

Sept 25, 2013: I ate our new baseboards that were installed not even a year ago. Luckily I was not punished because I’m cute (other than rest of the house being sprayed in apple bitter spray; now I hate the taste). But the baseboards were white and they looked like a giant bone! I need to raise some money to help pay for them, so if you are wondering why I have a website, that’s why. Hopefully I get enough views and ad money to pay for them and help some animals too on the side.

Camera 360

Now I just need to get this video to a million views.


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