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Do You Need to Change Your Vet?

If you consider yourself to be a responsible pet owner, you should never fail to stay in touch with a professional veterinarian. Your pup will need annual follow-ups. So you should choose your vet wisely before taking your little friend at times of emergencies. The best vet can give your dog the best possible care.

Signs you need to switch to a new vet

There are three major points you should keep in mind while choosing your vet- trust, confidence, and respect. But unfortunately, you may not get all these ideal qualities in one person with whom you are fixing your first appointment. If you start questioning yourself about the true conditions of the vet that you have chosen, maybe it is time to go for a new vet.

The signs which will guide you towards finding the best and ideal vet for your pup have been given below:

An obvious mistake in treatment

When your health is taken into concern, there are no such guarantees of not encountering an error in diagnosis. But when you find the treatment mistakes transparently more than once, then it is not a risk worth taking considering the health of your pup. To avoid anything going wrong during an operation, talk to your vet about your pup’s health properly.

If you see your dog suffering from adverse results because of some treatment given by the vet, consult with him immediately. Open up about everything that you feel must have gone wrong during the procedure. If you hold doubts on your thoughts while conversing with the vet, you may unknowingly welcome more grave situations for your pet in the future.

Vets do not give options

If you learn correctly about veterinary care, you will know that it is not black and white. It is either black or white. This means when your vet says “you have to..” or, “you must..” in a non-negotiable tone, consider it as a red flag. You need to take into consideration a lot of issues before deciding the best possible way of taking care of your dog’s health. While your vet is treating your pup, he or she should not dominate you on their remarks while guiding or diagnosing. Instead of bossing around with you, an ideal veterinarian would give you reasons and explain to you the possible options of treatment. You can do this by initiating a healthy conversation with your vet.

A veterinarian not up-to-date with machinery

The picture of the veterinary world is changing with time due to the advancement of science and technology at a faster pace. If you find your vet talking and using advanced technologies while treating your dog, you consider him ideal and upgraded. But if you walk into the office with no current machinery for treatment and you vet relying on old systems for diagnosis, cross it no. The best vets will always stay informed about new ideas and technologies for improved treatment procedures.

Finding your dog uncomfortable

When dogs hesitate, they tend to put their tail between the legs while entering the vet’s office. Sometimes even the best of the best veterinarians fail to understand the comfort level of a dog. If you know that your dog has never been uncomfortable in front of new faces, it can help you choose the right vet. The best way to understand whether or not the vet is ideal is to judge by your dog’s behavior. Since they are good at judging a person’s character, you can use your pet’s instincts while choosing for the vet.

Your dog receiving non-personalized care

Mixing up names of your pet when your veterinarian is annually coming for checkups is not a major issue. For example, calling your dog “Popper” instead of “Copper” is forgivable. But if your vet is quite ignorant towards your pup and treating him like a problem, then it is something to look for.

When your vet is a money vampire

You should never trust a veterinarian who keeps frequently prescribing expensive treatment procedures even without the need for it. An average pet owner will not have unlimited money in the bank. Go for vets who understand your financial status and prescribes treatment plans accordingly.


Never feel negatively judged by your vet while admitting mistakes from your end. If you think your veterinarian is going to judge you based on your financial condition, then you are wrong. Sometimes you might have given your dog some food which made him fall sick. Do not hesitate to admit such mistakes for fear of being negatively judged by your vet.

When the exam room is smelly or dirty

It is not questionable to find dog hair on the floor of the exam room. Although they should be cleaned and taken good care of at proper intervals of time to avoid contamination of diseases. You should not come across smelly dog urine or any other such dirty leftovers in the exam office.

Resists questions

Unless and until you hold extensive knowledge about veterinary science, you are guaranteed to have several unanswered questions. When it is about taking proper care and nursing for your dog, you should be clear about every doubt you have in mind. An ideal vet will always ask you if you are having any doubts about anything. If you feel like you are being rushed to leave the room for the next patient to come in, take that as a bad sign.

It is not known why some vets prefer answering questions passively. Is it unintentional or intentional, no one knows. After the appointment is over and all your questions are more or less solved, you should be satisfactory and confident. If you are still holding doubts, you know when to change your veterinarian.

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