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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Is your pet worth it?  Would you drive a car without auto insurance?  Own a home without insurance coverage or live without health insurance?  If you have any sort of investment to protect, insurance is usually a good idea to protect yourself and your family in case of any unplanned emergency or expenses you would have trouble paying for out of pocket. In a country like Australia, the average pet owner spends $25k on a dog, or $25000 per year.  That is on routine visits alone.

Costs of procedures

The cost of pet healthcare is steadily increasing.  Some of the average costs of typical canine conditions are as follows: Common Procedures:

  • Health check by Vet $65
  • Vaccination $70-105
  • Deworming $7/month
  • Fleas $10/month – Check out some of our picks for the best flea medicine for dogs.
  • Spay/Neuter Males: $200, Female: $350
  • Ear Infection: $90
  • Dental Cleaning w Anesthesia: $400-900
  • Allergies: $150-200

What about unexpected cases and illnesses where specialty veterinary care is required? Emergency Procedures:

  • MRI $500-1700 (AUS $600-2300)
  • Mitral Valve, Syringomyelia, Luxating Patella (thousands)
  • Benign Skin Mass $552 (AUS $730)
  • Tooth Extraction $527 (AUS $700)
  • Skin Abscess, Inflammation,  $226 or Pressure Ulcer (AUS $300)
  • Cruciate (ACL) Rupture $3,118 (AUS $4100)
  • Malignant Skin Mass $1,915 (AUS $2500)
  • Cancer of the Spleen $2,404 (AUS $3100)
  • Cancer of the Eyelid $531 (AUS $700)
  • Cancer of the Liver $1,662 (AUS $2100)
  • Bladder Stones $1,589 (AUS $2000)
  • Corneal Ulcer $802 (AUS $1000)

At these costs, and with pet insurance ranging between $20-$60 (AUS 26-80$), it seems to be a no brainer, and you would think that all pet owners should have pet insurance, however, it’s not that case, and in fact, less that 1% do.

Insurance is worth it

Due to unfortunate diseases common to the Cavalier King Charles breed (mitral valve disease, syringomyelia, luxating patella, etc.) in our opinion, the smart thing to do is to have peace of mind and to always have Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pet Insurance.  A monthly insurance premium between $20-$60 (AUS 26-80$) – (depending on the age of the animal and different coverages) helps to cover expensive bet bills down the road.  It often also helps cover the majority cost of routine veterinarian care. Here is a video explaining both sides of the coin.  In the end, would you drive without automobile insurance or go without health insurance for yourself?  Is your wallet protected from unexpected circumstances?  As pets are family members for most of us, we value them as much as we value our own lives and insurance gives ultimate peace of mind.

Insurance in your area

Insurance providers vary dependent on the part of the world you live in.  Here are some links below to help you find a good pet insurance provider.  Did you know that cavalier king charles spaniels are one of the most popular breeds in Europe and Australia?  They love to cross them with poodles, pugs, jack russels, and a whole bunch of other breeds, too! Reviews for Pet Insurance in Australia:

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