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How to Make a Custom Blanket of your Dog for Less than $50

Are you looking for a great custom gift for a favorite dog lover that comes from the heart?  Nothing speaks more love than a custom project, especially one that targets a pet lover’s heart.

This tutorial can apply not only to dogs, but children and people as well.  Simply follow the instructions and execute them according to your subject and goal.


When it comes to customization, some of us do not have all the talent in the world.  Luckily for us, this is now easy to find on the Internet for as low as $7.  A site called Fiverr, offers freelance services, with everything from graphic design, to marketing, to basically anything you would need to start and run any business.

Before getting to the point of creating a blanket, the first thing we would need is a print.  To find someone who can help you make that print, sign up on Fiverr to get started.

Sign Up On Fiverr

Once you have signed up, do a simple search on “Pet Graphic Artist” to find a variety of styles to your liking.  Contact the artist and ask them if they would be capable of creating your design.  Research past reviews and find the best artist to carry out your project.

Remember, searching for an artist does not mean you have to limit this to pet graphic artists.  The purpose of this step is mainly to find someone to help you complete a design.

Remember to request from the artist the correct dimensions of your design in high resolution.  This part is important.

Mochi Design in 50×60 dimension

Printing your Design

The next part of this project is to print your design.  There are a number of printing services that can be found online to print your design.  You can print a blanket, poster, shirts, and even socks.  You can ever have your car wrapped in this print if you wanted.

For the purpose as described in this title, our goal is to print out a blanket.

Enjoy your custom creation!

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