PETISH Spaniel Bowl for Long Ear Dog – Ergonomic Personalized Custom Design Bowls, NO Tip Stainless Dish (Medium (17oz – 6.3 x 5.3 x 3.0inch), Candy Pink)


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PETish, we are dedicated to design Healthier & even Happier life of your dog with you.

Petish Spaniel Bowl is especially designed for long eared dogs to keep their ears clean and neat. Specially raised bowl wall keeps food or water in the bowl! You don’t need to clean up the feeding area every day. For your dog’s health, Petish Spaniel bowl is Stainless, which is hazardous chemicals free, also easy to clean and lasting for ages with its durability.

Thanks to its Rubber finished bottom, less shaking while your dogs eat food or drink water pushing the bowl with their nose. Special Design keeps your dog’s ears from being soaked or dirty, therefore helping to keep your furniture & clothing from getting stained.

For all size dogs – whether he/she is small dog or big dog, Just Select suitable bowl capacity and height according to your dog’s eating and drinking habit (17oz, 27oz).

Model Information

Name : MangChi

Breed : Cocker Spaniel

Age : 2years old

Weight : 25 pounds

Using PETish Spaniel Bowl Medium


  • Size & Volume (Please Consider your Dog’s mouth to Select Right Size) : Medium (17oz – 6.3 x 5.3 x 3.0 inch) // Large (27oz – 7.5 x 6.0 x 3.7 inch)
  • Color : Bumble bee Yellow / Cotton Candy Pink
  • Material : Stainless Still (Bowl), PP(Stand)
  • Specially Designed Raised Dog Bowls for LONG EARED DOGS to KEEP EARS CLEAN and NEAT from being Soaked or Stained by food or water.
    SPECIALLY HIGH, DEEP Elevated BOWL KEEPS FOOD or WATER in the Bowl – Don’t need to clean up the feeding and watering area every day.
    Brushed STAINLESS STEEL Single BOWL with NO TIP – which is free from hazardous chemicals, also EASY TO CLEAN and DURABLY LASTING for ages.
    RUBBER BOTTOM for LESS SHAKING, SKID PROOF while your puppy eat food or drink water
    SMALL or MEDIUM Dog – 17 Oz. , MEDIUM or BIG Dog – 27 Oz. – PLEASE Select Suitable BOWL SIZE capacity and height according to your dog’s eating and drinking habbit.

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