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Ginger’s Friends

This section is dedicated to all my friends. I want all my friends and fellow cavis to be featured with me. As my first 10 friends, you’ll also be part of my Christmas list. 🙂

Email [email protected] with your pup’s cutest photos, their website/social networking links, description of your pup, his/her birthday, and any other relevant information.

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My Beloved


  • Mochi is my sister and best friend.  She is an American Cocker Spaniel, a cousin of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  We enjoy going to the dog beach and cuddling with each other. You can find us on youtube doing synchronized eating tricks together.
    Read more about Mochi

  • Coco is my 2 year old Blenheim friend, named after Coco Chanel, but her friends call her Bean after Kobe Bean Bryant. She enjoys long walks anywhere, but especially on the beach, afternoon naps, belly rubs, and snacking on kale and watermelon.
    Read More about Coco

  • Meet beautiful Baxter from Hobart, Tasmania. His human wanted him since she was 5 years old. Congratulations to his family for having such a handsome lad.
    Read more about Baxter

  • This is Bailey.  He was born in February. He was a rescue and he is a puppy mill dog.  What a cute face!

    He currently lives with Maddie.  Brittney was also part of the family, born May 5 1999 and passed Aug 11th 2013.
    Read more about Baily and Maddie

  • These are my friends Ruby and Phoebe. To the left is Ruby, a ruby and ginger like me, and to the right is Phoebe, a beautiful Blenheim cavalier.
    Read more about Ruby and Phoebe

  • Ching and Snowy were my human’s pets before I came along.  Ching was believed to be part King Charlies Cavalier, and snowy was a terrier.  They are very missed. (rip)
    Read more about Ms Ching and Snowy

  • Duke is a male ruby cavalier.  He almost looks like Ginger but in boy form!  How can you resist that cute nose and face?!
    Read more about Duke

  • This is a story about my friend, Bowie (his previous humans called him Miller) from Japan; who, as cute, sweet and wonderful as he is, was being held at a shelter in Japan and at risk of being killed.   With the help of a Japanese rescue group and the support of friends on facebook, Bowie found a new home in the USA.
    Read more about Bowie

  • These are my friends Shiver and Bliss. They were recently rescued from puppy farms in Ireland and Wales. Now they love life with their humans and new family of 3 other Cavaliers, Millie, Kasper and Maggie, a Labrador called Bear and a Cocker Spaniel called Charlie.
    Read more about Shiver and Bliss

  • Phoenix lives in Manchester, NH and shares her mummy with Flagstaff, a Blenheim, and Snowbowl and Alaskan Klee Kai.
    Read more about Phoenix

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