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How to remove pet stains from your carpet

Many pet owners surely love their pets, so much that many of us allow them to live indoors, even sleep in the same bed. As puppies, we often find our pre-house broken pets to have an occasional accident that sometimes may require expertise in cleaning. Some of these accidents result in urine or vomit stains […]

True facts on how a wireless dog fence works

Wireless dog fences work upon mechanisms involving singular or conjoined transmitters. These may be used inside or outdoors with certain alterations to the setup specifications. When the collar receives the radio signals, it will emit a beep to warn the dog that it’s getting dangerously close to the limits of the boundaries at which point […]

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

This article is inspired by‘s blog article “Be a Responsible Pet Owner“.  Please visit them for more great topics such as this. A pet is part of your family, and owning one is not something that should be taken lightly. Pet owners should be responsible and should ensure that their pet is always safe […]

5 Tips for How to Stop a Puppy From Chewing

How to prevent or stop your puppy from chewing. First everyone need to understand once they get out of puppy scared phase, a puppy will start behaviors of chewing anything like; hands, shoes, books, boxes, furniture, etc. This critical development stage of a young dog life is very important and perfectly normal of a growing […]

I ate our baseboards

Update from my human: So Ginger chewed up the baseboards all around the house, probably a month after the new ones had been installed. But how could we punish that face? Luckily for us, some of Ginger’s videos became popular and made some ad money.  We used whatever we made to pay for new baseboards and to helping other […]