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Ways You Can Get Fit With Your Dog

Humans and dogs aren’t so different, we both eat when we are bored and we both can put on weight when there is so much time and nothing to do. Both you and your pets need to be active and while dogs whom overindulge in food somehow seem to be even cuter, unfortunately for us […]

Hemp For Dogs – Should You Use It?

We live in a fast pace society and want answers fast, so the answer as to whether you should give your dog hemp is a or not resounding yes! Both CBD hemp oil and hemp seed oil are fantastic ways to improve the health of our fur babies in a multitude of ways. You can […]

Keeping Your Dog Well Groomed

Correct dog grooming will help to sustain the health of your pet and make him look attractive. As the owner of a dog, this is one of the most important things to do. To understand exactly how crucial grooming is, think about how you would feel and look if you didn’t trim your nails, comb […]

Importance of Keeping your Pet’s Teeth Clean

When puppies are young, their teeth are white and beautiful. With proper dental hygiene and regular veterinary dental care, regular maintenance can help to make sure that your pet does not suffer infection, pain and disease. During your pet’s 6 month or yearly physical exam, your vet will check its teeth. The vet can do a […]

For Your Dog’s Health & Happiness, Go Fetch

“I was a bit worried about my dog Happy when she suddenly began limping and seemed as if she was in pain. She used to hop into my bed to wake me up in the morning, then one day she couldn’t do it anymore.” Caring for your beloved dog requires more than just feeding them, […]

How Much Sleep Does a Dog Need?

When a person looks at their dog is seems like they are always sleeping. It seems like a dog is able to sleep any time of the day or right. This has people wondering how much sleep do dogs need. They need more sleep then a person would think. The dog is not sleeping just […]

Cost of Pet Insurance for Different Dog Breeds

The cost of pet insurance sometimes depends on the breed of dog.  Some may be more active than others, some larger and more risky, and some have more health risks depending on the lineage and due to excessive breeding. The Cavalier King Charles stands in the middle of large and small breeds, but often the […]

Why is dog walking important?

Getting a dog is a huge commitment that requires big life changes. But unfortunately, many people who get dogs simply don’t provide sufficient care and attention to their pet, which can have a serious affect on their development. One of the biggest aspects of caring for a dog that is neglected is taking for a […]

How CBD Treats Can Help Your Pets!

Pet owners are going crazy over a new medicinal herb that is being used to treat all types of pet illnesses. This medicinal herb is known as cannabis, and pet owners are using it to treat a wide range of pet illnesses such as anxiety, cancer, and arthritis. Most of you may be surprised how […]

Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

Let’s admit it, fleas are a nuisance and we all hate fleas.  They are not only to your pet, but to people and other animals.  Their bites are itchy, can spread disease, and can even pass parasites through the bloodstream.  They can spread and are hard to get rid of.  It’s important to deal with fleas […]

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