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Why Should Dogs Wear Sunglasses?

If your dog is prone to eye complications, then you might want to get them some sunglasses. Let’s take a closer look into why your dog should wear sunglasses below.

Dogs are just as prone to eye injuries and complications as humans. They are much closer to the ground than humans are when walking. This means dust, dirt, and other debris can more easily land in their eyes, especially if they are active.

One easy way to prevent your dogs’ eyes from being injured is by having them wear sunglasses or other protective gear. Your veterinarian might even prescribe sunglasses for your dog if they are more prone to eye complications or injuries. Let’s investigate why more dogs should be wearing sunglasses.

Prone to eye complications or injuries

Sunglasses can be both fashionable and functional. The most common reason you should have your dog wear sunglasses is simple protection against the elements. Pollen or dust can easily get swept up into the air. This debris can then get caught in your dog’s eyes and potentially scratch or injure it.

Dogs who already suffer from eye complications, such as glaucoma or cataracts, will benefit the most from wearing sunglasses. Glaucoma is caused by fluid build-up that increases pressure in the eye. This fluid, often called aqueous humor, is created when dirt or other debris falls in your dog’s eyes. By placing sunglasses over their eyes before every outing, your dog’s chances of developing glaucoma will likely decrease.

Active, working, search and rescue, or police dogs

Dogs employed as support animals or outdoor aids will also benefit from wearing sunglasses. Search and rescue dogs and police dogs will face especially dangerous situations. Debris, ash, or dust from fires or rubble can irritate their eyes. Impaired search and rescue or police dogs will not be able to perform their jobs correctly if they are constantly scratching at their eyes.

Of course, you might think the darkened lenses will only make it harder for them to see. This is not the case at all. These dogs’ sense of smell is their most valuable asset. Their sense of smell will not be impaired by a pair of sunglasses.

Additionally, you should give your dogs sunglasses if you both are active. If you take your dog hiking, biking, or even swimming with you, then they will be more exposed to dust or dirt that can get in their eyes. Giving them sunglasses or other protective gear can help protect their eyes while they stay fit with you.

Seeing a veterinarian about dog sunglasses

As with any change in your dog’s life, it is a good idea to consult your veterinarian first before getting any new sunglasses. They can help you decide if sunglasses or other protective eyewear is best for your dog. Scheduling an online virtual care appointment can help you meet with a veterinarian at a time that is convenient for you.

It is important for you to pay close attention to your dog’s behavior during this time as well. Here are a few symptoms of eye injuries to watch out for:

  • Squinting (when not directly in the sun)
  • Watery or cloudy eyes
  • Rubbing their eyes or eyelids constantly
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Redness in or around the eye
  • Photosensitivity (or avoiding light)

Having your dog wear sunglasses outside more often can help to prevent some of these health issues. Veterinarians will be able to prescribe the best sunglasses for your dog’s current conditions.

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