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Why Do Dogs Stick Their Heads Out the Window

It’s a common fact that all dogs really enjoy sticking their heads of the car window when they are being driven around. But actually, this is also a thing humans like to do.

People let their heads through the window when they want to feel particularly alert by taking the passing breeze and wake up a bit. The feeling is good and refreshing and you take as much of the surrounding world as possible. Dog performs the same action for similar reasons.

Acquiring Information

It’s not just the breeze that makes your pup stick his head out through the car window. A traveling dog is a dog that needs to receive more information about the environment. Their olfactory systems receive the odors more intensively with the air being forced in their noses.

Even dogs that cannot put their heads out the window will try to find a gap in the window or the door and sniff around. This is probably due to the fact that they are trying to get real-time information on the current location.

Trying to Remember

Humans sometimes have a hard time getting to a location without using a GPS, even when they already visited the place before. For dogs is a lot easier to remember because they can recognize driving routes and familiar locations based on the smells alone. For example, the smell of the air around the vet’s office is quite different than the smell in your favorite park. That’s why dogs sometimes get anxious or excited in the car because they know where they are heading.

Natural Stimulants

After spending the time at home all day, driving helps dogs stimulate all their senses. The different scents, the sights they see, the wind in their faces, it’s really a pleasant experience for the pup. It’s pretty much similar for people that are stuck indoors all day and finally get out and instantly start feeling better.

The definitive answer to why do dogs stick their heads out the window is simple – they like it! This action puts them closer to all the exciting things around them.

Is it Dangerous for the Dog?

Of course, every responsible owner has to consider the potential dangers associated with the dog having his head out the car window. If the window is wide open, there is a chance for the dog to jump out of the moving vehicle if he sees or smells something intriguing. It’s best to keep the window halfway and let the smells pour in while keeping the pup perfectly safe.

While driving on the freeway the high wind speed can cause serious damage to your dog’s eardrums and eyes, especially if some foreign object (rock, pebble) hits him. So it’s probably not smart to open the window on the freeway. In other cases, it’s pretty safe to let the dog stick his head out the window. Life is short, and a doggy’s life is even shorter so let him enjoy every second of it.

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