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Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass

Every dog’s favorite activity is to play and run outside. For most of them rolling in the grass is even more exciting than running. Some of the dogs just like lying down on the grass and enjoying the sun, while others roll happily around. The stinkier the grass is, the more likely the rolling will appear.

If you are reading this article then you probably encountered your dog that came back from the park, the yard or the daycare covered in green vegetation and stinking like hell. We will present to you the following theories on why dogs roll in the grass.

While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, this applies to any breed.

Ancestral instinct

According to some scientists, dogs are genetically hardwired to roll in the grass in order to mask their scent. For example, if a prey animal smelled the odor of a wild dog somewhere near, it’s more likely for it to sprint immediately to safety. It is far less likely for the animal to feel suspicious or frightened of being hunted down by a coated animal that smells of grass rather than a wolf. Thus, the wild canine can get closer to his prey a lot more easily.

The smell is the primary sense of dogs. They use their scent to see the world a lot more clearly. Their sense of smell is approximately 60 times more potent than humans’. Dogs are able to distinguish individual smells the same way people distinguish individual objects with their eyes.  Think of a situation when we walk into a room and smell lasagna cooking. Dogs break up the scent and smell tomatoes, meat, cheese, and pasta separately. So it’s no wonder they enjoy rolling in the grass. This way their urge to distinguish between different smells is satisfied.

Dogs love the stink

It might sound weird, but what smells nice to us may send your dog running away and find the stinkiest place to roll in they can find. It’s safe to say that dogs don’t enjoy the smell of flowers and cherries that much. So bathing your dog with scented shampoos might actually trigger this behavior. In order to solve this, you can try using unscented shampoos and wet wipes to clean your pup.

Rubbing against something or someone is a way for a dog to mark his territory. It can be a person or a new furniture piece in the home. They are also performing this action in nature, rubbing off the grass in order to deposit their scent on it.

Your dog might be itchy

On the medical aspect, allergies in dogs can be super itchy. That’s why some of them try to scratch and itch while rolling in the grass. The reasons for the itching can include environmental allergies, food allergies, fleas, skin parasites, etc. If you are suspecting any of these you should contact your veterinarian.

Bottom line is that soft grass simply feels good to your dog. Dogs that roll in the grass slowly and remain relaxed probably don’t suffer from any health condition and just want to show some personality.

How do I keep my dog from rolling in the grass?

Every dog is different, so try out various grooming products until you find a scent that you can both appreciate or settle on an odorless shampoo and no doggy-perfume. If that doesn’t work, keep your dog away from the grass until he’s dry since he may be rolling in the grass to rub off the residual water from his bath.

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