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Why Do Dogs Follow You into the Bathroom

It’s not uncommon for pet owners to hear their dogs tap-tapping when they head to the bathroom. Dogs do this regardless of whether you are showering or just brushing your teeth. They are even unwilling to leave when you need the most privacy.

Dog lovers are aware that dogs enjoy being with us and around us. So keeping you company when you go to the bathroom is logical.

However, there are few scientific explanations of why dogs are so repetitive with this action.


It’s especially common for dogs that joined a family while they were tiny pups to be accustomed to being with the owners constantly. During the first few months of their lives, puppies imprint on people, meaning that they recognize the humans as parent figures and objects of the trust. If this happened with your puppy too, it might be the reason why he wants to stay close constantly.

On the other hand, your dog’s loyalty isn’t connected with imprinting. Adopting an older dog that trusts you and loves you can enough. In order to socialize with the ones they most dearly hold to their hearts, unfortunately, means following you to the bathroom.

Best Companions

It’s in the dog’s genes to be a pack animal and live in a group. Domesticated dogs no longer live this way, but their inner nature makes them find comfort among other individuals. Centuries of domestication made the bond between humans and dogs so strong that they feel safest and happiest when they are with us.

On the contrary, separation, even for a brief period of times produces stress and anxiety. You need to face the truth that as a dog owner, you are now part of the pack, and not even the bathroom door can stand between you and your pup.

Breed Predisposition

Don’t get us wrong, there isn’t something like a bathroom breed or a bathroom group of dogs. Nut there are those that have their reasons to keep an eye on their owners. Cattle dogs, Border Collies, and other shepherd breeds are eager to round up the whole family at all times. Boxers and Doberman Pinschers always keep an eye out for potential danger so they prefer to stick close just in case. Corgis, Pointers and Labrador Retrievers also express similar behavior.

Plain Curiosity

Every dog is a curious little furball. How would they know if you went to get a treat for them or do something extremely fun? If they don’t follow you they might miss out, and they surely don’t want to miss a thing. By the way, why is that weir looking chair making loud noises when you are done?


It’s normal for your dog to spend most of the time around you. You are bonded and love each other. That’s one of the blessings of owning a dog. But when you close the door and the dog starts whining or being destructive might mean that he is suffering from separation anxiety. This is a serious problem that needs the attention of a professional dog behaviorist.

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