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Why Are Dogs Afraid of Fireworks? Here’s How You Can Help Them…

It is rare to find a dog that is not bothered by the loud and noisy effect of fireworks. If you are a dog owner you probably expect your dog to have some firework issues, but you also don’t want to ignore them.

We are here to help you! There are a few reasons why exactly they might feel frightened and every owner has to understand this.

While our blog’s mascot is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, these tips apply to any breed.

Why are dogs afraid of fireworks?

Dogs have more potent hearing sense than people so every loud sound can startle them. Because of the same reason we like fireworks, they tend to feel frightened by them.

We suppose they perceive them as bullets and bombs flying all around in a war field that’s how it would have seemed to us having their strong hearing sense.

Dogs perceive the fireworks as something unexpected, as something new and terrifying.  Thunderstorms and gunshots frighten dogs very similarly.

How do I calm my dog down during and after fireworks?

Isolated room and soothing music

To solve this problem you first need to isolate your pooch in a calm and isolated room until the festive event ends. You can also play some soothing music to cover the firework noise.

The worst case scenario is when the anxiety rises to the point where the dog feels trapped and this can have some serious consequences for him. This happens because the fireworks; the sounds of fireworks are spread all around so wherever the dog tries to escape it finds the same outcome. Such vulnerability comes from lack of escape routes.

Provide a safe place

Make a special safe crate or safe corner with soft cushions, bed, and blanket and relaxing music in the background prior to the fireworks. If you head outside to watch the fireworks keep checking on your dog every couple of minutes so that he knows you are there for him.

Can you give Benadryl to a dog?

The active ingredient in Benadryl is diphenhydramine. Primarily the medication alleviates symptoms induced by allergic reactions such as intense inching, eye discharge, frequent sneezing, nose discharge, and can be also used to treat anxiety and motion sickness in dogs.  Sometimes Benadryl can help calm dogs during fireworks and ease their anxiety.  Combining it with relaxing music and an isolated room can do wonders.  Read more about the application of Benadryl for dogs.

Natural remedies

Calming supplements and natural remedies can help calm a dog down as well.

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Here are some more tips to help calm your dog:

Solving the behavior long-term

Solving this problem is possible by gradually adapting your dog to the sound of fireworks, before the expected festival.

Get them used to fireworks

You can use online videos and play them continually a few months before. Start with lower volume and make it louder in time. After the session gives fluffy his favorite treats and makes this a positive experience.

Guide your dog to peacefulness

Because they are loud and they come unexpected dogs perceive fireworks as some serious threat which initiates their flight response. You can notice your dog becomes anxious when it becomes restless, starts panting more than usual, whines, excessively lick his mouth or freezes in one position. When this happens you should be his guide to peacefulness. Stay close to your dog and spread some positive energy by talking softly and gently. When the dog realizes the owner is relaxed it will realize there is no need to be so anxious anymore.

If you expect this kind of reaction then get the doggy far away from such events and head to more peaceful locations when there is a festive event in your area of residence.

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