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Which Dog Collar You Prefer For Your Dog

you have owned a new dog, you might be confused about its food, water, and especially buying a new collar for your new friend. There are several brands, designs, and materials present in the pets market, and you have to choose the right one from all of these kinds.

There are different types in the market, like flat, spiked, martingales, and wide dog collars. The best way to choose the right one for your dog from the above types is by breaking it into different qualities you need.

Here are some of the most important steps to finding a right and appropriate collar for your canine. This collar will be linked with your canine’s life, so buy a good one. These steps are given below:

Choosing the Best Style

It would be the best first to find out the best and comfortable style you are buying. You have to decide early on which type you want for your dog or which design will best suit your dog? You have to think about whether you will use it for training or everyday use, walking, or identification? Some of the trending and essential styles for your pooch are given below.

Buckle Collar

It is the simplest type available in the market. It is a collar with a prong style buckle that has holes in it for style and adjustment. It would not be wrong to say it like a human buckle belt. It is a perfect type for the dogs that wear all the time. It is a bit harder and can provide protection and comfort to your canine. This type is usually made from leather, nylon, or other types of soft and sturdy material. It is available in almost all colors and sizes according to your pooch.

Coastal Pet Circle T Nickel Buckle Latigo Leather Round Dog Collar 1″ Width by 22″ Girth

Quick-Release Collar

It is a quick-release collar and has a plastic or metal buckle. Both male and female buckle ends clip together in this type. Generally, the buckle helps in holding when your pooch pulls you. It is comfortable to wear, and it doesn’t do any damage to the neck. It is easy for you to pull the buckle apart when added pressure on each side. It has a significant mechanism to come apart. If the collar stuck on something and the dog pulled it with full power, it would ultimately come apart. It also comes in almost every color and many materials like nylon and leather. It is the best choice for walking and training purposes.

Sassy Dog Wear 10-14-Inch Orchid/Navy Polka Dot Dog Collar, Small

Safety Collar

This type is commonly used for hunter dogs, military dogs, or dogs that have a larger area to roam as the name indicates that it protects the pooch when it is stuck on a branch or a rock or anywhere. It has an O-shaped ring inside the collar about halfway between each end. When the collar gets attached, it doesn’t bend and won’t choke them by providing an extra pivot point. This type is available in different color coatings on nylon or leather.

BSeen (TM) LED Dog Collar, USB rechargeable Light up Safety Pet Collar, Good for Small, Medium and Large Dogs(Pink)


It is the combination of a flat buckle with a slip collar. Martingale provides you with more control over your pet without the choking effect. It is best for thin head breeds like a whippet. It combines the simplicity of a buckle with a slip collar, but it is limited to the tightness. It is a perfect choice for the canines that need training of pulling, but it can cause significant damage to the pooch’s neck if the pooch pulls it aggressively.

PetSafe Martingale Collar 1″ Medium, Red

Dog Harnesses

Generally, it is not a type, but it can be a good option for your robust friend. If your canine is sturdy and can pull you easily or it has a sensitive or delicate neck, a harness is the best option for walking and pulling instead of all types mentioned above. The harness puts pressure on the leash clip on the chest instead of on their neck, so it becomes much easier to control them and avoid any injury.

Gooby Escape Proof [Escape Free] Easy Fit Dog Harness for Dogs that likes to escape their harnesses, Purple, Large

Choose the Best Material

After finding the best collar style for your pooch, you also have to look for the best material from which that collar will be made. It would be best to search out stuff for your best friend that has long durability, elasticity. Your dog may have sensitive skin, so you have to find out the stuff that won’t exacerbate it. Some of the robust, durable, and soft materials for your friend’s collar are given below:


Nylon is one of the most common materials for making pet’s items. People prefer it because it’s a cheap deal, and you can easily customize your favorite design and color. Its softness and elasticity make it perfects for puppies. But it is not suitable for the canines that spend much time outside because it becomes stinky.

Blueberry Pet 32 Colors Classic Dog Collar, Royal Blue, X-Small, Neck 7.5″-10″, Nylon Collars for Dogs


It is a traditional material for these types of pet items. A dog looks very beautiful and classic after wearing a collar made of leather. It not only looks like your best friend, but it also provides extra control for the owner of the pet. It is extra durable, waterproof, and has built-in protection. It also gets softer as time passes. It is a perfect material for any breed you have.

Coastal Pet Products DCP120620BLK Leather Circle T Oak Tanned Round Dog Collar, 20 by 3/4-Inch, Black

These are some essential steps for buying a strap for your new friend. It would be best to choose the right one. It will not only help training your dog but also give your dog extra protection and loyalty.

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