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What is the most ideal way to feed your dog? What should be his eating routine?

There are millions of questions about dogs that occur in the dog lover’s mind. The essential questions among all those questions are usually related to the diet of the dog. They could be about the type of food, nutrients, or the eating schedule.

Hence, in order to resolve all the questions that might pop up in your head, we’ve created a simple and comprehensive article that would help you understand all the nitty-gritty involved in your dog’s diet and routine.

So first, let’s simplify what a dog should eat and how much consumption is adequate?

From basic food groups a dog requires:


Protein allows your dog’s body to function properly. An amino acid from protein helps in muscle development, tissue repair and also contributes to healthy hair and skin.

How much protein a dog should consume in a day?

To maintain an ideal weight,  1 gram of protein is appropriate for a dog. If your dog weighs around 70 lbs and his ideal body weight is 50 lbs and then that dog should consume 50 grams of proteins per day.

What are the best sources of protein?

  • Chicken
  • Egg whites
  • Fish (Salmon, Whitefish)
  • Soybean
  • Lentils
  • Quinoa


Fats provide fatty acids which the animal body can only consume but not produce. Fats are responsible for furnishing energy in dogs. They also have a small role in building small cells that promote the absorption of nutrients.

How much fat a dog should consume in one day?

A dog needs to have fat in the same quantity as protein. If a dog is consuming 50 grams of proteins per day, it should also consume 50 grams of fat per day.

What are the sources of fats?

  • Avocado
  • Nuts and seeds butter
  • Different types of seeds
  • Full Fat Yogurt


You must have heard that these are essential for the healthy functioning of the body, growth of muscles, bones, and skin, and they prepare the body to fight infections.

A dog can get all the vitamins and minerals it needs in a portion of balanced dog food, including:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • B-Complex vitamin
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorous

Dogs don’t require vitamin C in their food because their bodies make it. When they eat an adequate amount of nutritious food, their body doesn’t require vitamin or mineral supplements. Hence, giving your dog supplements can be dangerous.


According to the National Research Council, dogs do not require carbohydrates. There are only two major food nutrients for a dog – PROTEIN AND FATS.


Water is important for a dog’s digestive system. Water helps dogs break down the food the dog ingests and then aids in the absorption of those nutrients. It also aids in the secretion of enzymes and the acid necessary to fully complete the digestive process.

How much water should a dog drink in a day?

The rule of thumb says a dog should drink is 1 ounce of fluids per pound of body weight. So a 10-pound dog should drink roughly 10 fluid ounces per day. But if a dog lives in a hot environment he might feel thirstier.


Food has a natural healing superpower. And it’s not only applicable for humans but for animals as well. By just eating healthy food half of the health problems can be cured. There is an old proverb in the field of Ayurveda

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”
Healthy food can solve several problems. It can work as a pain relief in dogs, improve their cardiovascular health, and can lower their blood pressure.  Here’s a list of food that can heal a dog’s health problems naturally.

S. NoFoodWhat does it do?
1Bone brothGood for the immune system and digestion.
2Raw goat milkContributes to skin health.
3EggsIt helps in regulating cholesterol.
4Oily fishIt works as pain relief in dogs.
5MushroomIt works as an anti-cancer.

How many meals should a dog eat in a day?

A dog should eat at least two meals each day, about 12 hours apart. But a breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule is an equally great option.

How much your dog should eat according to its size?

Dog SizePoundsHow many cups to be fed?
Toy dogs3-121-1.5
Small dogs13-251.5-2
Medium dogs26-502-3
Large dogs51-1003-6
Extra-large dogsAbove 1006 cups + half cup for every 10 lbs over 100

Eating unhealthy food regularly can give your dog digestive problems. One must recall that dogs are different and the food they eat is also different. The owner of the dog has to make sure that healthy eating habits are a daily activity for the pet. Initially, it might seem difficult for dogs and their owners both, but eventually, once healthy eating habits are established, it could add extra years to your beloved furry friend’s life.

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