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Ways To Keep Your Carpets Cleaning With Your Furry Friends

Raising your pet dog at home can turn your living space into a mess. Keeping your home free of doggy hair and muddy paw prints can be quite cumbersome. 

Although pets are the loveliest members of every family, there are several problems that having a pet can cause. Mostly the issues are common for dog and cat owners because their darling shed their hair twice a year.

Here are a few tips on how to reduce the inevitable hassle and keep your home spic and span.


Regular Grooming

Whatever breed your pet is, a regular bathing schedule or an occasional visit to the dog wash is highly recommended. Regular grooming of your pet on an even more frequent schedule is also great for keeping your dog and home fresh and clean.

Brush your pet every day and bath you with organic pet shampoo, that can help in the prevention of ticks, fleas, worms, and more! Not only will your pet’s coat be healthy, but it will also look and feel so!

Doggy Hair

Pet hair being shed everywhere is one of the most annoying problems that dog owners have to deal with. It spreads on the floors, the kitchen, the furniture, and also on clothing. Train your dog to rest or sleep on a blanket or rug meant for the purpose. Clean it regularly, and be sure to brush as much as your hair before you throw it in the washing machine.

Vacuum your carpets and furniture and clean pet dander from your carpets by going it over more than once in different directions. It’s best to go in for a handheld high suction vacuum to get into all the nooks and crevices of the upholstery. The best thing that works on gathering hair from clothing is a really sticky lint roller or packing tape wrapped around your hand!


Have you ever had your Dog run into the house after a walk or play out in the backyard or roll in mud or dig around in the garden? Keep a bucket and doggy towel ready for such incidents. Once your pup wishes to come indoors, it’s recommended to give his body and muddy paws a quick rub down rather than getting your clean floors all muddied up. Your pet is good to go after a quick rub with a wet towel.

This habit can also help do away with any toxins that can be irritating to humans if they come into contact with them. Get rid of any environmental allergies in the bargain.

How to get rid of pet hair on your carpet?

Regular Vacuuming

Yes, vacuuming is the most efficient method of cleaning and the only thing you need to do anyway unless you give your carpet to dry-cleaning. A good vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor and great suction is an excellent helper. We personally vacuum twice a week, and have a long pile and shaggy carpets in the living room and bedroom.

If you notice that your vacuum cleaner is not as efficient as you were waiting for it, have the concerned to change it. Not every vacuum cleaner fits pet hair, especially on the rug pile. Some vacuum cleaners have too weak a motor to do such work. You have to find a device with enough suction power and a soft design for not to fear your pet and not destroy the carpet.

Rubber Gloves

If you see that your vacuum does not work properly, here, you are the other tip. It is the rubber gloves. Rubber is an excellent material for cleaning. The method is quite simple; you put on the glove, wet it a b,it and begin to gather the hair up from the carpet fibers.

Some hair will stick to the glove, but most of them will be gathered in a little bunch which you can easily vacuum afterward. Although we have a good vacuum cleaner for pet hair, we often use rubber gloves under the furniture and in the areas where the vacuum cleaners cannot reach.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a very efficient method of carpet cleaning not only when you want to get rid of pet hair. Soda also can remove stains and bad odors. We use baking soda every month during the general cleaning.

How do we use it?

Soda powder all over the carpet with a very tiny layer wet it with warm (note: warm) water through the sprayer and make a deep vacuuming on the highest level afterward. Some people vacuum the baking soda straight after they strew it. We insist on using a slight wetting before you use the vacuum cleaner. Soda comes into the reaction with warm water and will remove all the stains, soil, dust, and odors.

You can ask why don’t we use some chemicals for carpet cleaning instead of baking soda.  So, the answer is quite simple; soda is a safe powder. We use it in the food industry without any consequence. So, it is safe both for the carpet and the pet. Chemicals maybe won’t damage the rug, but they can hurt your pet, especially a cat, because cats wash their paws with their tongue. So, if you want your pets to be safe, use baking soda instead of chemicals.

Sponge Mopping

This method works in the same way as rubber gloves. You collect the pet hair in the fibers of your carpet and vacuum them afterward.

We used to clean the carpets from pet hair with a sponge until we had rubber gloves. So, if you have a pair of rubber gloves, forget about sponge mopping; but remember that sponge mopping is quite good for local stain removal. For example, you can strew the baking soda on the stain, wet it with warm water, and then collect all the dirt with a wet sponge. We can assure you; that you will like the result.

A Sticky Roller

A sticky roller is an ancient and very efficient method to remove pet hair not only from carpets but also from other fabrics and materials. I’m still using it on the wall hangings (We have several in the living room).

The sticky roller is suitable for fabric and short piles but entirely inefficient on shaggy carpets, for it damages the piles. Besides, a sticky roller can leave its gluey consistency on the rug. This consistency can become a stain that will be hard to remove several days later. So, use a sticky roller very carefully. Try not to use it on the shaggy and long pile carpets.

Other Accident Cleaning

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How to clean pet vomit

Final words

So, now you know the most useful methods for removing pet hair. We get these methods from my life’s experience and can assure you that they work perfectly when you use them correctly.

We also want to pay attention to the chemicals that are used to clean the carpets. If you have pets, try to reduce chemical use because it can be very unsafe for your pet.

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