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Ways Dogs Can Show Affection

We bet you are the type of owner that shows constant love to your pup. Snuggling sessions, watching him sleep, giving treats because he is just so damn cute, yes it’s easy to notice when a human loves his pet. But have you ever wondered how do dogs show they care about us?

Even though their communication is mostly non-verbal, there are a lot of clear signs of affection to notice.

Dogs use their bodies, from tail to nose to show us the love they feel.

Here are some signs.


Nosing is when dogs nudge us with their noses. Silly expression, but the message they want to send is serious and honest. This is just one of the signs of affection. Similar to a person who says ‘I like you a lot’. Dogs also do this when seeking attention or when you are blocking their view. If the nosing comes together with a soulful stare and other body contacts, there are no doubts that love is what they feel.


A starring contest with your dog is a game to you and an intimate act for the pup. This means that your dog loves you and trusts you all in one. More frequent starring situations show a great degree of mutual attachment. How do we know this? When a dog looks at his owner, his brain releases the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for the bond between mothers and newborn babies.

If you are not aware of the intentions of the dog, avoid direct eye contact and starring. Nervous dogs can also start a stare-down right before they attack you. The chances of your dog attacking you are highly unlikely, but always make sure that you are doing this in order to enhance the trusts the dog feels for you.


Licking in dogs is similar to kissing in humans, and a kiss is the universal sign of love. Sloppy dog tongues can become a nuisance, but that’s just the way they want to tell just how much they like you. Besides affection, licking also signals respect and lower social status.

Full body

When the dog stretches next to you or leans on you by making long and happy sighs, there is no question he feels relaxed, happy, comfortable and most importantly safe when you are close to him. Well, obviously you cannot feel that way around someone you don’t like. Full-body leaning is dogs showing they trust you. It’s something like a full-body hug. Sometimes dogs can lean due to different emotions like anxiety or fear. When there is a wagging tail, soft eyes and an open mouth along with the leaning, the message is more than clear.

Rolling and jumping are playful acts that indicate affection. The amount of trust a dog puts in you when he rolls onto his back waiting for a belly rub is huge, so appreciate every moment of it. Jumping, on the other hand, is treated as bad dog habit, especially when they get a bit too bouncy. They can’t help themselves, simply, love is in the air.

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