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Top Tips for First Time Dog Owners

We have recently witnessed a surge in first-time dog owners spurred on by the Coronavirus epidemic and resulting lockdown. However, this has also resulted in a large number of owners finding that they feel out of their depth and unable to take care of their pooches everyday needs.

With pet rescue centers being forced to accommodate a larger number of abandoned family pets, it is important to make sure that you think carefully before committing to bringing a four-legged friend into the household.

If you have already taken on the commitment and finding yourself feeling overwhelmed, then DON’T PANIC! There are a number of helpful tips available to incorporate your pet into your household.

Lords & Labradors have conducted an online survey to gather the most helpful tips for first-time dog owners from seasoned professionals who know exactly what it takes to help a dog adapt to their new environment.

We have summarised the key pieces of advice below and strongly urge you to give these tips a try before giving up all together:

Give Them Space

One of the most commonly noted pieces of advice from experienced owners was to give your pooch space.

If you hear your dog whining in the middle of the night and seeking the attention of its owner, it is important to make sure that you don’t automatically respond to this. Doing so will condition your pet to feel that this unsustainable behavior will automatically result in them getting exactly what they want.

It is essentially no different from raising a toddler in this respect. Just remember to keep strong and not respond because it will benefit you both in the long run!

Make Them Comfortable

Dogs really are like children in many respects. It’s hardly surprising that so many successful owners use the term ‘Furbaby’ to describe their pet!

As with children, it is important to make sure that your pet’s sleeping environment is comfortable. Make sure that they have a soft and snugly bed and maybe even leave them their favorite toy to play with in case they get restless in the middle of the night.

Another good piece of advice to make them feel comfortable was to leave them a hot water bottle. As with humans, dogs will often find the heat to be a source of comfort akin to what they would normally get from their mother. You’ll be surprised just how effective this can be!

Potty Training

Now we really are talking about dogs as if they are children, but as part of making them feel comfortable, it is important that their toiletry needs are taken into account.

When you are first training a dog, it may well be worth leaving a door open so that they can venture outside and make a deposit in your garden whenever they feel the need. It may not be ideal during the winter but will bring long-running benefits once your pooch has grown up a little.

Have you got any other tips that you would like to share with first-time dog owners? Feel free to get involved on social using the hashtag #FirstTimeDogOwner. You could be saving a dog or two from being abandoned!

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