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Top Tips For Choosing The Best Light Up LED Harnesses For Pets

Do you enjoy taking your canine companion for long walks at dusk or after dark? These walks can be rather hazardous for your pet due to low visibility, particularly when walking near roads. Fortunately, you can purchase a LED dog harness whose purpose is to improve the visibility of your companion at night.

These accessories are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, which match various breeds of dogs. It’s important for the model you choose to be rechargeable and armed with multiple lighting modes that save the battery.

In case you’re interested in purchasing a LED dog harness, the following tips will aid your search for the right model.

Select a Type

The initial thing to consider when looking for such an accessory is choosing between a back clip and front clip harness. The former is more convenient for canines, as the leash attachment is placed on their backs, thus preventing the leash from getting entangled. Back clip harnesses are a suitable choice for trained pets that don’t pull on the leash when being taken out for a walk.

The latter type contains a leash attachment that is placed on canines’ chest, thus providing owners with greater control when pulling on the leash. Unlike the back clip type, front clip harnesses are an excellent solution for owners that have trouble directing their pets when going out for a walk. Front clip accessories can also help you train your companion to be less belligerent, which isn’t the case with the back clip type.

Measure your Dog

Considering the extensive variety of harness sizes, suitable for different canine breeds, it’s paramount to measure your dog in order to choose a model that matches its size perfectly. You’d need a measuring tape to measure your companion’s chest as well as its neck. Make sure you write the dimensions down so as to compare them with the ones on the packaging.

Moreover, you’re supposed to determine the exact weight of your furry companion as well. Canines need to keep still when placed on the scale, as otherwise, the reading won’t be correct. In case your dog is reluctant to stay still on the scale in your home, you could have it weighed at the veterinarian. Click here for some useful tips that will help you put on the dog harness properly after purchasing a model with the right size.

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Consider Battery Life

An indispensable feature to consider when purchasing a LED dog harness is battery life, as these devices use batteries to produce light. Make sure you select a model with rechargeable batteries, rather than a variant that runs on standard batteries, as the former is more cost-effective.

Furthermore, models with rechargeable batteries are supposed to last a minimum of ten hours after being charged. They come with USB charging cables that make the charging process even more convenient for pet owners. Standard batteries, on the other hand, last significantly longer, but these need to be replaced with new ones once their lifetime is over. Therefore, by purchasing a rechargeable model, you’ll not only be saving money on buying battery packs, but you’ll be also taking better care of the environment.

Consider Brightness

Naturally, the most significant feature to consider when choosing a LED dog harness is brightness. These devices are supposed to shine brightly in the dark to increase the safety of your pet as well as yours. For a better visibility, the LED lights need to be located on both front and backside of the harness, making your pet visible from a distance of at least one meter.

Additionally, these devices are operated with a single button that allows pet owners to change between lighting modes, such as permanent and intermittent light. The former mode provides greater brightness at the expense of draining the battery. The latter mode can be fast flashing or slow flashing, depending on your preferences, thus enabling the battery to last longer. For greater safety, you could even purchase a LED harness with reflective strips, which is particularly beneficial when taking your dog for a walk close to roads.

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Consider Comfort

In order for your canine companion to feel comfortable when wearing the accessory, this equipment is supposed to be made from pet-friendly material and be adjustable. Otherwise, your pet is likely to make a fuss every time you try to put the harness on. As previously mentioned, these devices come in a variety of sizes, depending on canine breeds, so as to provide greater comfort.

Nevertheless, in case you choose a model with a universal size, make sure it’s adjustable both in width and length. However, bear in mind that adjustable models allow you to stretch and lengthen the harness to your preferences solely once, which is why you have to be incredibly accurate in your measurements.

Select a Color and Design

The ultimate thing to consider when purchasing a LED dog harness is its color and design that suits your pet the best. These devices come in a myriad of colors with high intensity that aim to provide excellent visibility. Additionally, make sure you choose a waterproof model that won’t get damaged when being exposed to heavy rain.

Bottom Line

The safety of your canine friend should be your number one priority.

Purchase a LED harness to prevent accidents from happening!

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