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Top 11 Most Popular Types of Dog Breeds

There are many reasons why people adopt a dog as their pet. They are useful when needed for protection and guarding. They make great companions as they are incredibly loyal.

Great for cuddles and playing especially for people who live alone or suffer from depression. Unlike other animals, they give back the love they earn.

When you come back from work after a tiring day, they greet you with a warm welcome and positive attitude.

Here is a list of some famous dog breeds and their features for you to choose.

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Labrador Retriever

It is one of the most famous types of dog breed. They are common among dog lovers as they can be quite friendly once trained well. This type of dog is well known for its high intelligence.

They are also a great companion for visually impaired people because they are known for their ability to seek and detect. They are also helpful for hunters and military purposes. Children can play with them well as they are high-spirited.

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They are also another breed that is well known among people. This type of dog makes a wonderful companion for children as well. The best feature about them is that they can adapt well if taken to another place or country.

They are calm as compared to other breeds, but they can be friendly once trained. They do not shed fur regularly and are good with other dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Small in size, very elegant and royal, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is a very cheerful and active dog. They are famous for their companion skills for centuries. Want to know everything about this breed?  Then please keep reading.

There are many excellent reasons why one can choose the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as a pet or even as a show dog.  They are a small, affectionate, playful, and intelligent animal with great desires to return the cares and attentions to their master with complete devotion.

Although Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is undoubtedly considered a lapdog because of its size, the Cavalier is very brave and sporty. It is a cheerful, friendly non-aggressive, and an excellent and adaptable companion for many types of homes and lifestyles.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels make good family dogs, especially when socialized and trained when they are a puppy.  Some cockers are sensitive and need gentle handly, but they are typically happy and friendly dogs.

Cockers are energetic and love being outdoors, but equally happy inside.  They love playing with children and adore being with their families.


It comes in a small adorable size that makes it one of the famous pet dogs. They are intelligent and easy to train. They are very energetic and are great for playing. One of the main reasons that people adopt them is that they look stylish and pretty.

They are among the smartest ones, which makes them a great service dog. They can also serve as an assistant dog for people with physical disabilities.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire is another tiny and playful dog that is famous among dog lovers. They are especially perfect for people who want a dog pet but are allergic to the fur.

They usually do not shed their fur, and this factor also leads to maintaining a clean place. They are relatively easy to train and provide good company.


They are the most lovely small-sized dog breeds. This little teddy bear look-alike is loved wherever they go.  Despite their already small size, dog lovers are demanding even smaller ones that can easily fit in a teacup. This is the reason why teacup Pomeranians are becoming quite famous despite them not being a natural breed.

They make an excellent guard because of their natural tendency to bark. They have to be trained with care so that it turns out into a smart and playful pet. You can read more about them on clever fur blog on teacup pomeranian


If you are looking for a dog that will be loyal to you and live as your playing partner, then it is certainly one of those. They have a knack for pleasing their owners. They can feasibly adapt to all kinds of situations and live comfortably with their owners, even in a small space.

They do not bark unnecessarily and are quite good with children if trained well. Their nature is loving and listen to the commands very well.

Vizsla Dog

The Vizsla Dog is a Pointer in type with characteristics of pointer and retriever.  It is a multi-purpose dog that is suitable for retrieving.  It is recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1960 as its 116th breed.

Vizslas are thought of as gentle, happy, lively, affectionate, friendly, intelligent dogs that make great family pets. They love to be around people at all times and can develop some separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.

Most Vizslas are affectionate, and this dog is especially attached to his people.  They are often described as the “Velcro Vizsla” for wanting to stick closely to their humans.   The best home for a Vizsla is one in which someone is there during the day to keep them company and give them activities and mental stimulation.  Without this, Vizslas, especially Vizsla puppies, can become bored and destructive. With the right family, they are a loving and gentle friend who will return you with nothing but unconditional love.


They are especially known for their intelligence. Loyalty is another special trait that makes them one of the famous dog breeds. They help their masters in performing any task by obeying their commands.

They are great for protection, which is why they are one of the top choices as a family dog pet. They are sweet and act as a great companion when needed as they are easy to train.

Brussels Griffon

It is another lovely dog breed that is loved among dog lovers. They are quite intelligent and active. They are small in size, which is a preferable trait for most dog lovers. They have great mental stimulation and love to play with their owners.

When trained, they respond very well to the commands. They only bark when necessary. You can take a daily walk with them; they are quite entertaining.

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