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Top 10 Dog Related Mobile Apps

Technology, through the years, has made our lives easier. Today we have all kinds of applications that help us in daily tasks that were previously a burden. There are also applications for those of us who have pets and that improve our lives and coexistence with them. We are going to show you some of the best apps for you and your dog.

There are many types of Dog apps, from finding the most suitable breed to finding professional dog trainers. Apps can help you choose any function that best suits your lifestyle.

Popular developers like our friends at Android development company in Austin, develop pet apps daily, stating “Our mobile phones are full of applications for various uses; your pet deserves to have at least one dedicated app engaged by its human to help in the daily care of your dog.”

Someone may wonder how these apps could make life easier.  Mobile apps keep you informed of the needs of your faithful companion, sending you notices to remind you of pending tasks.

Let’s take a look at some top rated Dog related apps:

Pedometer (“Petometer”) Apps

Since you adopted a dog, you no longer have to play sports alone. Now you have a partner who loves to go with you, and you are happy to go with him.

If that is your case, Pedometer (“Petometer”) Apps are the best for you and your dog. This will control the movements of both, the kilometers traveled and calories consumed.

In addition, it has an exercise guide that you can do with your dog.


Wag, Ideal for Walking

With this social app, available on iPhone and Android, users describe and share the best walking routes for dogs. Through Dog Walk you even track your progress as you go.

Their maps also show highly valued dogs parks, which have garbage bag dispensers, friendly premises for dogs and drinkers.

Whistle Legacy

Whistle allows you to track your dog’s location and heart rate anywhere through special devices that serve as a collar.

This dog related app can notify you if your dog walks away, and the heart rate monitor allows you to create personalized activity goals based on your pet’s race, weight and age.


iKibble Free

Control the feeding of your dog with this fantastic application, this will tell you what foods are good or bad for your dog, how to prepare dog food and at what time of the day you should serve food to your dog.

Puppy Training

An app focused on training. With this dog related app we can better manage the dog in the most important phase of its development with us.

For this, this app offers a series of tricks and routines designed to make this process as simple as possible for both us and the dogs. An app should not be missing from your mobile, especially if you are adopting a dog for the first time. Always remember dogs are like babies, they do not come with an instruction book under their arms.

11PETS: Pet Care

This is one of the best applications to always keep our dog healthy and well taken care of.

This app offers a complete, comprehensive plan for dog care with details. This app will remind you when we should give medicines, when we should bathe, visits to the veterinarian, medical history, vital signs record, in short, a complete app that will allow us to take care of our dog in a really simple way.

Walk with Map My Walk

You cannot miss this dog app. It is “Walk with Map My Walk”, and comes from the MapMyFitness Company.

As expected, this app allows us to keep track of our walks with the dog, being able to see the route in map, time, distance, speed and calories, all using GPS from your smartphone. If you also want to monitor your heart rate, this dog app is compatible with Bluetooth, so you can adjust your training based on your goal.

Pet First Aid – Red Cross

Like all living beings, dogs are exposed to suffer all kinds of accidents or complications with their health. This application gives you detailed instructions on how to provide emergency care and first aid to your dog, until you can get the attention of a veterinarian.

It also has guides on the medicines, preventive care tools and you can even add your veterinarian’s number in the application to call them quickly if necessary. Undoubtedly it is an app that can be extremely useful in difficult times.


This application helps you find veterinary advice. You can look for things like symptoms or behaviors and see if it is symptomatic of something potentially serious. You can also ask questions and get answers from veterinarians, dog trainers, pet nutritionists and other varieties of experts.

It is a good place to get some advice on many of the things related to your dog, although the service is not limited to dogs, they also help other pets.

Final Words

And you, Do you love animals? If you love dogs and know more dog related apps, which are essential for you and your pet and always have them on your mobile, you can leave them in the comments.

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